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RSS Defense Corp RDMR7 Review

Last year, I was contacted by RSS Defense Corp. RSS Defense is a small AR and AK manufacturer located north of Chicago. Before our conversation, I had never heard of this company. After a few exchanges, I agreed to review their flagship AR15, the RDMR7.

RDMR7 is an acronym for Rapid Deployment, Mission Ready, 7 days a week. This perfectly describes what the RDMR7 is designed to be. It is intended to be a law enforcement patrol rifle. Every part of the rifle supports this goal. Continue reading RSS Defense Corp RDMR7 Review

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.

Mail Call Monday’s Master Index –

Magnetospeed V3 00:38
Triad Tactical Shooting Mat 01:47
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon 02:55
TAB Str8Laced Bag 04:43
SAP Run n’ Gun Bag 05:57
Wiebad Barricade Bag 06:46
Wiebad Pump Pillow 08:01
Wiebad Tac Pack 09:56
Bag Contents 12:41
Wrist Coach 15:15
Scope Tool Tip 16:15
Kestrel Elite 19:06
Bore Snake 23:45
MSA Sordin Pro-X 30:01
M-Pro 7 Cleaning Kit 31:04
TAB SAC 31:46
Vortex Solo R/T Monocular 39:01
Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver 41:00 Continue reading Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.

Lapua Brass for the 6.5 Creedmoor coming soon.

In a recent thread on, Kevin Thomas from Lapua stated that they are currently working on 6.5 Creedmoor brass. This may be the first reason we have to look forward to the 2017 SHOT Show. 

“May as well go ahead and drive a stake through the heart of this thread right now; Yes, we currently have 6.5 Creedmoor in to works. We discussed this one at length in Finland during a new products development meeting a few months back. Several of us were pushing this one rather hard, due to the tremendous feedback we’d taken on the cartridge, and the popularity that the cartridge has already earned. Not a big one in Europe, but the US market is a significant share of our business, and we most definitely do listen to customer input. The first set ups are currently being done, and the initial trial run and in-house testing will be done shortly after that. If all goes well, we’ll move on with production and hopefully make the formal introduction of this one during the SHOT show in January.
Hang on guys, it’s coming.”

Kevin Thomas’ post on

Geissele to give Tac-Con some competition?

IMG_4319_1080 Recently Geissele Automatics posted a video on their YouTube page (seen below) of a trigger producing less than .1 sec split times on a PACT Shot Timer. Immediately the internet blew up with speculation that this may be Geissele’s new “three position” trigger. That was discussed on this post.

If speculation is correct, this trigger would have the standard “Safe” position and function like the current Geissele SSA in the “Semi” or “Fire” position. The slick part of this system is that the selector could them be rotated to the third position that is usually reserved for full-auto rifles. In this third position, the trigger would function similar to the Geissele SD3G trigger with a super short, single stage pull. If this would indeed produce the 0.1 sec split times seen in the video it would keep up with fully automatic rifles. Continue reading Geissele to give Tac-Con some competition?

Thunder Beast Arms 30P-1 Initial Impressions

Cadex Strike 30 with TBAC 30P-1Almost eleven months after paying for it, I walked out of my local FFL with the Thunder Beast Arms Corp. 30P-1 Suppressor. I can tell you that the wait was worth it.

The next day after picking it up, I was able to sneak out to the range for a short test run. The only bolt rifle that was threaded at the correct pitch AND had ammo on the shelf was the Remington 700 AAC-SD in a Cadex Chassis. I was slightly concerned because the 700 AAC-SD has not been a stellar performer. Continue reading Thunder Beast Arms 30P-1 Initial Impressions

Lessons of the night match.

Redbrush Night Shoot
Learning points for those who have not shot a night match before, in no specific order:

1. PHYSICALLY AND VISUALLY verify that your rifle is clear. It’s way to easy to have a cartridge find it’s way into the chamber. Don’t take chances. Complacency kills.

2. Some type of headlamp is incredibly useful for administrative tasks. Loading mags, picking up brass, setup, teardown and score keeping. Its awesome to not have to dig a light out of your pocket every time you need it and keeping your hands free helps.

3. Illuminated reticles are a must. Very often we run into lighting conditions where you can see the target you need to engage, but your fine FFP reticle is just too fine to see against the shot-up steel. Continue reading Lessons of the night match.

70th Anniversary of D-Day


Today is the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. 156,000 Allied Troops landed on a 50 mile section of highly fortified beach. At the end of the day an estimated 4,000 Allied troops lost their lives. One week later the beaches were fully secured.

As you go about your day, take a minute to think about how it would have felt to stand in those landing craft. Imagine the sound of the machine-guns and know that as soon as the ramp dropped, you would be wading into hell.

Without those brave men, the world would have suffered a much worse fate.

Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match 2014

IMG_3933Bright and early Friday morning I found myself loading gear into a rented minivan with two other shooters, heading east for North Carolina and Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match at Woody’s Rifle and Hunting Club in New Hill, NC.

Woody’s is well known for their Designated Marksman team matches. 2014 was the first year for the Precision Rifle format. This match was an individual effort match and qualified for points in the Precision Rifle Series. Continue reading Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match 2014

American Snipers 2014 Challenge Coin

20140110-113236.jpg posted up a preview of their new Challenge Coin. These will be available at the 2014 SHOT Show, then later on the American Snipers website. All proceeds go to support deployed Snipers. I have been collecting these for several years now.

If you are Attending the SHOT Show make sure you stop by the main booth in the Level 3 Hall (L338) or one of the many satellite tables throughout the show.

Sharing is Caring

IMG_2739As I read a recent thread on Sniper’s Hide, I had to take a minute to ponder my place in the shooting sports.

The original poster asked how the members feel about letting other people handle their firearms. He also threw in the “warrior” theory that no one other than a teammate should touch your weapon. I encourage you to read the original post on SH to get an idea of the full context.

I founded 8541 Tactical with a desire to share what knowledge and experience I have with others in the community. My overall goal is to help the community grow by attracting new shooters. I have found one of the most personal ways to do this is to put my rifle in a new shooters hands. Making that first shot one of the most enjoyable possible is a way to leave them wanting more. Continue reading Sharing is Caring