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Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Kestrel ABIt always amazes me to see the highs and lows of range traffic. It never fails that when the sun is out and the temps are mild, the range will be packed. Take a below-freezing day with high wind and snow and I can almost guarantee the range will be empty. Those “ugly” range days are a blessing in disguise. Not only does nasty weather clear the range. It also forces you to deal with factors you have no control over. If you are a professional shooter, training in adverse conditions is critical. You don’t control when you are sent on patrol or when you are called out. If you are a match shooter it is also critical. Ugly weather will test your gear and your discipline. The next time the weatherman says to stay inside next to the fire, consider grabbing your rifle and heading out into it. Not only will you gain skill and experience, but it will make warming up by the fire with a cup of cocoa much more enjoyable.


What Goes Up, Must Come Down.


This .45ACP slug was found laying on the sidewalk today. I am sure our readers are more considerate than the previous owner of this slug. However it bears remembering that we are responsible for EVERY round we fire. Firearms are not fireworks.

Improved AK Build – Rifle Dynamics M4 Stock Adapter, Magpul MOE and AFG

The AK gets a little Magpul goodness.

Clean That New Barrel!

Photo of the AAC Single Chamber Brake showing the debris the first Boresnake pass drug out of a new barrel.
Photo of the AAC Single Chamber Brake showing the debris the first Boresnake pass drug out of a new barrel.

Today was a reminder on why I recommend cleaning a new barrel.

I just got done assembling and oiling up a new AR. I was going down my checklist and remembered that I had not punched the bore yet. Since this is not a precision rifle, I don’t worry with the Dewey rods and bore guides. I grabbed a Boresnake and pulled it through. The amount of crud that came out of the other end was amazing. I gave the snake a couple more passes before I was satisfied that any debris was gone. I can’t say for sure exactly what it was that came out of the barrel, but I am positive it was not something I wanted drug through by a bullet going 3000+ fps.

No matter what the origin of a rifle, clean the barrel before your first firing. Machining debris, packing material and other amazing items all have a way of slipping into the barrel. You don’t want to destroy your new rifle because a piece of silica gel wedged itself in the bore during shipping.

Improved AK – Midwest Industries Extended Handguard Installation

MI Extended AK Handguard
Midwest Industries Extended Handguard, Bushnell TRS-25 and Magpul AFG

In our effort to update the AK47 the first aspect that needs to be addressed is the sighting system. The stock AK comes with plain notch and post sights. The rear sight is elevation adjustable. The front sight is used to change elevation and windage for zeroing. The sights are not quickly adjustable in the field. They are really designed to be zeroed and left alone. The notch and post are not very effective in low light and the short sight radius make them less than precise for long range shots.

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Improved AK Series – Updating a Classic

Improved AK ScreenshotA rack grade AK47 is one of the greatest battle rifles ever designed. While many will argue which battle rifle is the “best” the AK almost always makes the list for consideration. The AK does suffer some setbacks. It is an old design. The ergonomics favor smaller shooters. The iron sights are poor in low light and the system does not lend well to installing optics. Continue reading Improved AK Series – Updating a Classic

Glock Armorer’s Course

Glock Table

Today I had the chance to attend the Glock Armorer’s Course. Nothing earth shattering. Learned some tips and some quicker ways to do some stuff I was already doing. I did ask some questions that you guys posed: Continue reading Glock Armorer’s Course

Chamber Check Your Match Ammunition!

IMG_8390_1080It may seem like a redundant task. You just finished painstakingly loading each and every cartridge you will shoot through your high dollar match rifle at an upcoming match. You have handled the cartridges through countless preparation tasks. Why add one more to the list?

How much is a win worth to you?
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Magpul Sues for Magazine Patent Infringement

Promag COL-A18-3
ProMag Magazine

On July 25, 2013 Magpul Industries, Corp. filed suit in United States District Court, Colorado, alleging that four companies infringed on their patents by manufacturing, distributing and selling magazines utilizing Magpul’s designs.

The four companies named in the suit are Big Rock Sports/SwampfoxCole IndustriesPlinker Tactical and Promag. Continue reading Magpul Sues for Magazine Patent Infringement

MATEN Project stretches its legs at Rockcastle Shooting Center (1000 yards)

The MATEN did not perform as well as I had hoped it would with the 168gr Black Hills Gold at long range. Once we get a chance to work up a long range load specifically tailored to the MATEN’s 16″ barrel we will give this another go. Right now the rifle should be considered and excellent 800 yard option. Since the MATEN was intended as a LE Sniper/DMR Rifle is has passed the test and I consider it a success. We will still be running a 100 yard accuracy test and a “debrief” about how well each component worked for us.