We do not currently have any classes scheduled. When locations and dates are confirmed, they will be posted here. Until then we do offer one-on-one personalized training at Redbrush Rifle Range in Newburgh, IN. Pricing is $150 for a two hour session. If you would like to check on scheduling, please email us including several possible dates that work for you. We do request that you attempt to schedule sessions 30 days in advance, however exceptions can be for special circumstances (deployments, etc.).

Course Descriptions

Precision Rifle 1 (Two Day)
PR1 is designed to teach students the fundamentals required to accurately engage precision targets at intermediate ranges. Topics covered include the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Zeroing, Rifle Setup, Ballistics, and Wind Effects. Target ranges will be dependent upon the facility used.

Precision Rifle 2 (Two Day)
Time to get off of your belly and induce some stress. PR2 builds off of the fundamentals learned in PR1 and teaches you how to apply those in a competition environment. Topics covered include shooting with time limits, barricade shooting, alternate positions, supplemental support tools and strategy.

Moving Target Clinic (One Day)
MTC is a one day course covering the basics of engaging moving targets. This course is designed for experienced shooters who may be new to moving targets or just want a day of practice. Shooters will be broken into two squads with one running targets for the other. Shooters must be physically able to hold a 1×1″ post with a cardboard target over their head and walk for several passes.

Handgun Safety Class (One Day)
Handgun Safety is a one day class for anyone who keeps a handgun in the home. Topics covered will be firearms safety, safe storage, safe operation, cleaning and how to talk to your children about firearms.

Defensive Handgun 1 (Two Day)
Defensive handgun goes a step beyond our Handgun Safety Class. DH1 is a two day course that teaches the shooter the basics of operating a handgun in a self-defense setting. Topics covered will be fundamentals of handgun marksmanship, drawing from a holster, engaging targets from a variety of positions, magazine changes and clearing malfunctions.

AR15 Operators Course (Two Day)
The AR15 Operators Course is designed to familiarize shooters with the most popular sporting rifle in the US. Topics covered will be zeroing the rifle, engaging targets from a variety of positions, malfunction clearing, reloading and cleaning the rifle.

Directions to Redbrush Rifle Range

Red Brush Rifle Range is located east of Newburgh, IN, just north of Alcoa.
It is a fenced and locked range, so don’t drive out to “look around” unless you’re going with a member, or attending a scheduled match.

For GPS, the formal range address (not marked anywhere at the range) is 3299 West Eble Road, Newburgh, IN 47630. Latitude/Longitude is N37° 57.2309′, W87° 18.5671′

From the West (Evansville/Newburgh area):

Proceed east on Lloyd Expressway (SR 66) through Newburgh, turning left onto Sharon Road at the Marathon gas station stoplight. Proceed on Sharon Road 3.3 miles to a stop sign at the 4-lane SR 61. Proceed across SR 61, as Sharon Road turns into Eble Road. Proceed east on Eble Road 0.7 miles to the gated range entrance on the right. (Be careful crossing the railroad tracks as there is no crossing gate, and this is an actively used rail spur.)

From the East (Yankeetown area):

Proceed west on SR 66 to SR 61 (at the entrance to Alcoa). Turn right onto SR 61, and drive 1.5 miles north, watching for the intersection with Sharon Road on the left and Eble Road on the right. Turn right onto Eble road, and proceed east on Eble Road 0.7 miles to the gated range entrance on the right. (Be careful crossing the railroad tracks as there is no crossing gate, and this is an actively used rail spur.)

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