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Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher Review

The more we shoot semi-auto rifles, the more we long for a way to keep track of that valuable brass. We recently reviewed the 3Bucc Brass Savr. It is an excellent, although slightly pricey way to catch the brass ejected from your AR15 and large frame AR. Once we published that review we received a number of requests for cheaper solution. Continue reading Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher Review

Improved AK Project Coming Soon

Noveske Rifleworks QD Plate. Rifle Dynamics AK AR stock adapter in the background.
Noveske Rifleworks QD Plate. Rifle Dynamics AK AR stock adapter in the background.

Our subject matter is mostly dedicated to precision platforms. However we decided to stray a little and do a segment on one of the least precise or accurate systems in our arsenal, the AK47. Starting this month we will be doing a video series on how to improve your AK. We have not decided on the order or tone of the series yet, but we have finally gotten all of our parts on deck. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel!

Clips and Magazines

This nation of ours seems to suffer from what I would like to call “Clip Confusion”. I blame Hollywood first, Politicians Second and the Media as a whole last. Now I realize that I do count as part of that last group. Now is my chance to help fix the problem.

Magazine-clipWhen I started my career in the field of arms, nomenclature (the proper names of things) was very important. In fact proper nomenclature could mean the difference between getting to eat or a whole lot of pain and suffering. You see Marine Corps Boot Camp is not tolerant of individuality. You don’t get to call things whatever you want because you think it is cool. You call them by the name the Corps assigned to them or you pay for it. This indoctrination is most likely the source of my ire about the “Clip Confusion”.

Continue reading Clips and Magazines

New York $500 Gun Tip Bounty!


If you live in New York you had better hope that you don’t anger someone. Now they have a financial incentive to call the police on you.

From CBS6 Albany

State: $500 reward for tips leading to arrest of illegal gun owners

ALBANY – A program aimed at rewarding people who blow the whistle on illegal gun owners has yet to show significant results, says three police agencies in the New York. Continue reading New York $500 Gun Tip Bounty!