Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.

Mail Call Monday’s Master Index –

Magnetospeed V3 00:38
Triad Tactical Shooting Mat 01:47
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon 02:55
TAB Str8Laced Bag 04:43
SAP Run n’ Gun Bag 05:57
Wiebad Barricade Bag 06:46
Wiebad Pump Pillow 08:01
Wiebad Tac Pack 09:56
Bag Contents 12:41
Wrist Coach 15:15
Scope Tool Tip 16:15
Kestrel Elite 19:06
Bore Snake 23:45
MSA Sordin Pro-X 30:01
M-Pro 7 Cleaning Kit 31:04
TAB SAC 31:46
Vortex Solo R/T Monocular 39:01
Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver 41:00

Magnetospeed –
Triad Tactical Padded Shooting Mat –
Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II – (affiliate)
Petzl Spirit Carabiner – (affiliate)
Str8Laced Rear Bag –
SAP Run n’ Gun Bag –
Wiebad Barricade Bag –
Wiebad Pump Pillow Review –
Wiebad Tac Pad –
Kestrel Weather Meter –
MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X –
M-Pro 7 Cleaning Kit – (affiliate)
TAB SAC Review –
Vortex Solo R/T –×36-tactical-with-reticle-focus-monocular
Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver –

Intro by: Jesse Mattson –

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Host: John McQuay
Edited and Produced by: John McQuay

4 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #26 – Shooting Gear, What’s in my Bag.”

  1. Hey John, I have a CZ 455 varmint in 17hmr with a Mueller APT 4-14×40 AO with target nobs. I was wondering what your thoughts were on using this system and caliber as a training rifle out to 200 yards thanks and keep em’ coming

    1. It can definitely be used as a trainer for a larger caliber. You can run reduced targets and easily use it for barricade shooting. It could also easily be used to work on accuracy drills from prone. I have not looked at the wind drift of the 17 HMR, but if you can reach out to where the wind blows it around a bit, you can even use it for wind calls. Really the limit is your creativity.

  2. Hi John,

    Getting into some longer range shooting and would like to know more about bipod placement on a rifle. With an AR platform rifle, and a long lower rail section (or modular slots for mounting rail sections), what is the optimum location for the bipod (fore and aft)? General intuition tells me to mount it pretty far forward, but is there a method or reason for mounting it in one location or another?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Forward for stability. Rearward for speed. It’s just the fulcrum of a lever. I generally prefer mine as far out as I can get it unless I need to alter than for a specific obstacle.

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