Geissele to give Tac-Con some competition?

IMG_4319_1080 Recently Geissele Automatics posted a video on their YouTube page (seen below) of a trigger producing less than .1 sec split times on a PACT Shot Timer. Immediately the internet blew up with speculation that this may be Geissele’s new “three position” trigger. That was discussed on this post.

If speculation is correct, this trigger would have the standard “Safe” position and function like the current Geissele SSA in the “Semi” or “Fire” position. The slick part of this system is that the selector could them be rotated to the third position that is usually reserved for full-auto rifles. In this third position, the trigger would function similar to the Geissele SD3G trigger with a super short, single stage pull. If this would indeed produce the 0.1 sec split times seen in the video it would keep up with fully automatic rifles.

So why would your average Joe want/need something like this? First off, there seems to be an enormous amount of “cool factor” associated with a three position selector. This mainly comes from those who do not have access to, or the finances for real fully automatic rifles. My personal belief is that this “cool factor” sells more Tac-Con triggers than any real benefit. Does a pseudo-select-fire trigger really have an application? In this instance, I believe it does.

Picture a rifle equipped with this type of trigger and a 1-8.5x variable optic like the Bushnell SMRS. You could burn down a VTAC 1-5 Drill at top speed, then drop, crank the optic up and take precision 300-400 yard shots. You would have a true “dual-role” rifle.

I am a big fan of Geissele triggers. We installed an SSA-E in our first MATEN build and will be putting a Hi-Speed in our upcoming 6.5CM MATEN precision rifle. I have shot the Tac-Con on several occasions. If Geissele can truly pull this off (and I believe they can), and keep it at the estimated $325 price, then I feel they are going to put a serious hurt on Tac-Con 3MR sales.

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