Alpenlore EDC Adventure Belt Review

AlpenloreI have worn a belt daily since Boot Camp. It just became a habit. It became even more necessary when I started carrying a firearm as part of my routine. Belts usually serve the sole purpose of holding up your pants or keeping your firearm where it belongs. A good belt can do both at the same time, but that is about where it’s usefulness ends. That is why we were excited when a package from Alpenlore Adventure Belts showed up at our door.¬†Alpenlore Adventure Belts produce a novel belt that doubles as a survival kit. Continue reading →

Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

Short Action Precision "Run n' Gun" Bag in Multicam with "Flush Cup Swivel" Option.
Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag in Multicam with “Flush Cup Swivel” Option.

Rear bags come in an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simple. Some have a ton of features. It would be easy to crank out a quick review of something as simple as a shooting bag. However, to get a real feel for how a bag performs, takes time. I spend five months working with the new Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” bag. I really wanted to see if once the “new” wore off, I stuck with it or went back to one of my previous bags. After five months, it’s still the bag I reach for during most of my shooting sessions. Continue reading →

Exclusive First look at the Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver (ATD-EFK)

Borka ADT-EFKWe have been using the new Borka Tools Adjustable Torque Driver-Expanded Field Kit for about a week now. This is one slick little tool. Everything from the pouch it comes in to the hard chrome plated bits have been very well though out and cleanly executed. This tool will most likely reign supreme as my favorite “gun” tool on the bench! Keep your eyes peeled. There will be a group buy coming soon!

Henderson Precision Tri-Trim High Speed Cutter Review

Henderson Precision Tri-TrimCase preparation is a horribly tedious task. Even when buying new brass, there is a certain amount of prep that has to be done. Anything I can find to make this task easier and less time consuming, leaves me more time for the more enjoyable aspects of precision rifle reloading and shooting.

When I first began reloading, I did the whole trim/de-burr/chamfer process by hand. This caused many sore fingers and arms. It is probably still the reason I hate brass prep. As I progressed, I found that power trimers and prep stations eased this process. It still ate up time. The hot ticket is combining as many steps as possible into one powered operation. Henderson Precision is one of the latest companies to do just that. Continue reading →