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Lapua Brass for the 6.5 Creedmoor coming soon.

In a recent thread on, Kevin Thomas from Lapua stated that they are currently working on 6.5 Creedmoor brass. This may be the first reason we have to look forward to the 2017 SHOT Show. 

“May as well go ahead and drive a stake through the heart of this thread right now; Yes, we currently have 6.5 Creedmoor in to works. We discussed this one at length in Finland during a new products development meeting a few months back. Several of us were pushing this one rather hard, due to the tremendous feedback we’d taken on the cartridge, and the popularity that the cartridge has already earned. Not a big one in Europe, but the US market is a significant share of our business, and we most definitely do listen to customer input. The first set ups are currently being done, and the initial trial run and in-house testing will be done shortly after that. If all goes well, we’ll move on with production and hopefully make the formal introduction of this one during the SHOT show in January.
Hang on guys, it’s coming.”

Kevin Thomas’ post on

Chamber Checks

Rule number one when handling firearms is “Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.”

This rule has been hammered in with tales of negligent discharges, property damage and death. In every range I have been to, I have seen holes in the ceiling, grooves in the concrete and other signs of bullets going where they shouldn’t. Is it because of ignorance? Bad technique? Complacency? Why do we find bullet holes in cleaning benches and locker rooms in police stations and military facilities? Surely cops and soldiers know the importance of a chamber check and how to properly execute them. Continue reading Chamber Checks

Proof Research Releases Pre-Fit Carbon Fiber Barrels for the Ruger Precision Rifle

Proof Research has made it easier than ever to add their match winning barrels to your rifle. Owners of the Ruger Precision Rifle can order replacement Carbon Fiber or Stainless Steel barrels from The barrels will arrive pre-fit and ready to install without any machine work necessary. There is no need to send your rifle off for months while you wait to have a barrel fitted. Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels start at $940 and their Stainless Steel version start at $469.99. Stocky’s has them on sale currently for $846.99 and $439.99 respectively. Continue reading Proof Research Releases Pre-Fit Carbon Fiber Barrels for the Ruger Precision Rifle

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S2 for Operational Snipers and Precision Marksmen