Magpul Pmag 7.62 AC 10 Round Mags Shipping

It’s too early to be an April Fool’s Joke. Magpul just announced the shipment of their anxiously awaited, 10 round AICS compatible magazines. The mags should be showing up at dealers shortly. Unfortunately, Magpul does not have them for sale on their site yet. Hopefully you have your “notifications” in place at your favorite online retailer. These are sure to go fast. Continue reading Magpul Pmag 7.62 AC 10 Round Mags Shipping

Outdoor Research Cirque™ Pants

OR Cirque PantsI purchased the OR Cirque™ Pants before the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. My teammate and I were competing in the “Extreme Tough-Man Division”. We arrived a day early and chose to camp out. When we crossed the finish line, I had been living in the Cirque™ pants for four days.

We hiked with 50 pound packs, crawled under barbed wire, ran up obstacles, slid down earthen berms on my backside and a number of other tasks. I was sure that these pants would be trashed when we were done. They held up amazingly. Continue reading Outdoor Research Cirque™ Pants

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #5 – Brass Catchers and the MATEN 6.5 Creedmoor Project Update

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #3 – Safety, Negligent Discharges, Panteao and Travis Haley

Firearms safety is a serious matter. We strive to get it right because the one time we get it wrong, could be the last. This week we talk about “ND Gate” over the Travis Haley Negligent Discharge video. To be as fair as possible, we have included the statements released by both Panteao and Travis Haley. Continue reading Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #3 – Safety, Negligent Discharges, Panteao and Travis Haley

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #1 – 2016 SHOT Show Industry Day

We are back with Season 5 of “Mail Call Mondays”! Thanks to all of our viewers for putting up with us for this long. This week we discuss the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range. This was held the Monday prior to the SHOT Show at the Boulder City Range. It was a great time and gave us the chance to get “hands on” with some new gear. Make sure you also check out our 2016 SHOT Show Playlist with videos from the show floor. We will be adding more videos every couple of days until we have exhausted our footage. Also stay tuned for our Shot Show Recap article.

S2 for Operational Snipers and Precision Marksmen