Mail Call Mondays Season 4 #03 – Ruger 10/22 Project Update

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Mail Call Mondays Season 4 #02 – Channel Update and McMillan Stock Project

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SHOT Show 2015 – Bryan Litz and Todd Hodnett at the Kestrel Booth

While at the 2015 SHOT Show we got a chance to drop by the Kestrel booth and catch Todd Hodnett from Accuracy 1st and Bryan Litz from Applied Ballistics discussing use of the Kestrel Meters and some upcoming Kestrel products. There is a ton of information in this video. Unfortunately we were not able to patch into their mics so we had to deal with the crowd noise. However, I think it still came out fairly well. Stay tuned as we post more videos from the 2015 SHOT Show throughout the week!

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USMC Scout Sniper Association Raffle

The Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt, veterans service organization under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code. By law it is composed of Veterans with the sole purpose of supporting Veterans, Dependents and their survivors. Members are current active duty and former Marine Snipers.

In order to raise funds to support their various programs, the USMC Scout Sniper Association is raffling off an M40A5 Sniper Rifle complete with AN/PVS-27 Night Vision Device. The total estimated value of the package is $25,000.00. This rifle is exactly like the rifles used by active duty Marine Snipers. Built by the Marines at the Precision Weapons Section at Quantico.

If you would like to support a great organization and get the chance to own an amazing rifle, head to the raffle page. Tickets are $10. You may purchase as many as you like.

Ticket sales close at 11:59PM EST on 03/15/15. The drawing will be on 03/17 in Washington DC. You do not need to be present to win.


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Kinetic Research Group X-Ray Chassis Review

KRG X-RayI have been a fan of the Whiskey 3 Chassis from Kinetic Research Group since I was given the opportunity to try the first generation. I used a Gen 3 Whiskey 3 Chassis on my 2014 Precision Rifle Series competition rifle. The Whiskey 3 is an excellent chassis, but the reality is that not every one is in the financial position to be able to afford one.

What if you could reap most of the benefits of the Whiskey 3 Chassis, but at a fraction of the price? This is exactly what KRG delivers with the X-Ray Chassis. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2014


From our family to yours, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Please take a minute to say a prayer for all those who are standing watch tonight, prepared to go in harms way to keep us safe. Let’s also say thanks to our Nurses, EMTs, Firefighters and all the other folks who don’t have the luxury of staying home tonight. Finally, thanks to all of you for making our little project such a success! Stay safe and GET OUT AND SHOOT!

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Stop Gun Violence PSA – No worse advice!

New “Gun Control” videos pop up on the internet in regular intervals. This is nothing new or notable. What is notable is the latest video by Rejina Sincic. In Sincic’s PSA she suggests that children should steal their parent’s firearms and bring them… school!

Continue reading

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Magpul Field Case for iPhone 6 Plus now shipping!

Magpul_Field_CaseEven before Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, there were piles of cases available for it. The Magpul Field Case was not among them. However some things are worth waiting for. I have had my iPhone 6 Plus for several months now and finally I can slip it into this awesome case. Continue reading

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Sierra Bullets Going Ballistic Tip

Sierra Screen Shot
Hornady and Nosler have been using polymer, ballistic tips on their bullets for several years. The advantages are a slightly higher ballistic coefficient and a more consistent tip over the traditional “open tip match” design. It seems that Sierra Bullets has now gotten onboard with their new “Tipped Matchking” or TMK. Continue reading

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Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #35 – My Every Day Carry gear.

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