Oregon Sniper Challenge 2015 Update

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Photo by: Terry Doi, Cold Bore Operations

We have been back from our epic road trip to the Oregon Sniper Challenge for about a week now. Just enough time to put the gear away and get back into the daily grind. I was actually shooting this match and attempting to perform to the best of my ability. This did not leave me a lot of time to shoot photos and video. Additionally there were some folks present who needed to stay out of the lens for professional reasons. This gave me a great excuse to just sit back and enjoy shooting. Terry Doi from Cold Bore Operations was acting as the match photographer/videographer and graciously provided a ton of footage and photos for us to use in our media. Terry is an excellent photographer and we are proud to be able to use his work. After the dust settled and the gear was stowed, we shot a quick “wrap up” video covering what the Oregon Sniper Challenge is and what it is not. I hope this whets your appetite for the full video to come.

New Berger 6.5mm 130gr AR Hybrid OTM Tactical Bullet

  Berger Bullets has just announced their new 130gr Hybrid 6.5mm bullet. With a G7 ballistic coefficient of .290 you may be wondering where this bullet fits in. The popular 140gr Match Target Hybrid drops a better .317 G7 BC. It just so happens that Berger’s Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, designed this bullet specifically for magazine fed applications. Platforms like the “large frame” ARs have slightly less magazine length than their bolt action brethren. This new 130gr AR Hybrid seeks to give you the best balance of BC while keeping as much of the bullet as possible out of the case. Less bullet in the case means more room for powder and higher possible velocities. How this works out in the real world will be interesting to see. Let’s just hope that Berger is able to keep up with demand. We would love to see how these new bullets run in our 6.5CM MATEN project.

For more info, check out the press release from Berger. 

Stoneguy223 YouTube Live Q&A

Stoneguy223 was kind enough to invite me to come on his live chat last night for some precision rifle Q&A as well as some rambling about Law Enforcement. It was short notice, so we didn’t do a lot of promotion across our channels, but we hope to give you some more notice in the future so you guys can participate and ask questions.

Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer (Part 2 do-over) Ruger BX-Trigger

BX-TriggerOne of the firs things we noticed when we started this project was how horrible the factory trigger on our 10/22 was. Not only was it very heavy for a light rifle, but when loading pressure the trigger would “creep” forward before eventually breaking. This is not a good situation for overall accuracy. The factory pull weight was close to six pounds. This makes it very difficult to keep precise sight alignment on a light weight rifle. The angle of the wrist portion of the stock also made it extremely difficult to get a “straight to the rear” pull. I knew that in order to get any meaningful results from our modifications, we would need to address the trigger. Continue reading →

Memorial Day, not National BBQ Day

Illustration from Marines Magazine
Illustration from Marines Magazine

I have become very tired of hearing “Happy Memorial Day” as people go off to their parties and BBQ’s. It leads me to believe that many in our country have forgotten what Memorial Day is for. It is not a second Veteran’s Day. It is a day to remember our dead. It is a day to give thanks to God that we have men and women who were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for their brothers and sisters. I hope we can also remember that we have a serious problem where 22 Veterans a day take their own lives as a result of what they have experienced and lost in war. This Memorial Day, I would like to introduce you to two Marines, who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Ramadi, Iraq in 2008. They were not elite Snipers, Delta or SEALs. They were just Marines. They stood their post to the end and did all that can ever be asked of a Marine. I hope they live forever in legend. I hope you take a few minutes to read it and to tell someone else about these two men on this Memorial Day. Continue reading →