Hawk Hill Custom Barrel Review

Hawk Hill Barrel
Remington 700 with Hawk Hill Custom Barrel in a KRG X-Ray Chassis

Rarely does a week go by without an email or Facebook post asking us for a barrel recommendation. The truth is, there are a ton of premium barrels that will put you on the winners board when they are installed by a skilled rifle builder and wielded by an expert marksman. Often, Bartlein, Krieger, Rock Creek and others shuffle for the lead in “most used” barrel of the Precision Rifle Series. Recently we have been seeing more and more Hawk Hill Custom barrels showing up on the firing line and in the winners circle. We have used Bartlein, Krieger and Lothar Walther barrels on various different rifles. We felt that it was high time that we gave Hawk Hill a chance. Continue reading →

QALO Silicone Ring Review

QALO RingFrom time to time we come across some cool stuff that is not really firearms related. When it crosses into the military/LE/high adventure lifestyle we like to let our readers know about it. The QALO line of rings fit that bill.

I am happily married to a wonderful woman, and I take my commitment very seriously. The visible sign of that commitment is my wedding band. Unfortunately a metal wedding band has some safety drawbacks. If it becomes entangled in fast moving metal (weapons, vehicles, lathes, etc.) it can result in de-gloving your finger. If it is crushed, it can case an amputation. None are things that I care to experience. Even a rather slow-paced activity like rock or mountain climbing can result in a serious problem if the ring catches, but the body keeps moving. For these reasons, many men and women choose to go without a wedding band. Continue reading →

Website Update

google-mobile-responsive-design6-ss-1920-800x450You may notice some changes to the layout of our website over the next couple of days. Google has rolled out some new requirements for sites to be “mobile friendly”. Ours was not very mobile friendly. Our choice was to either make some changes or risk falling in the search results.

Our goal is to find a new layout that is clean. Easy to read on mobile or desktop, and easy to maintain. As of today, we have switched over to one of the new “candidates”. I am not fully satisfied with this look, but it will do for now until I find a layout I am in love with.

If you have some feedback (positive or negative) on the new look(s), then please leave us a comment below. If you are having some issue with seeing the site on your mobile device, please let me know what device you are using.

Thanks for sticking with us while we go through some changes and work through the inevitable bugs.

Xtreme Hardcore Gear “Tank” Scope Level Review

Xtreme_Tank_Level_20150509_T3i_007Few things frustrate shooters more than getting a scope level. It is one of the critical steps during installation of a rifle scope. Leveling a scope in the shop can be a tricky process. Usually we are in an area that is too small to allow a rifle scope to focus properly. This makes using a plumb line to square the reticle almost impossible. Xtreme Hardcore Gear has a simpler method. Continue reading →

Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer (Part 1 do-over) SWFA Scope Installation

IMG_6640We have had some issues with our Ruger 10/22 Build. The accuracy we were seeing was not consistent with what we should have been getting from our modifications. When this occurs, we usually look to the weakest part first. In this case, it was our scope and mounting system. The old Tasco Golden Antler scope did not inspire confidence. It worked fine on one of our older .22 bolt guns, but we think it may have chosen this project to give up the ghost. So to resolve this situation and get back on track, we installed a SS 3-15×42 FFP rifle scope from SWFA Outdoors. To make sure the scope wasn’t going anywhere, we used a set of SWFA rings and a 20 MOA base from Evolution Gun Works. Granted, six screw caps are a little overkill for a .22LR, we can be sure that the system will hold tight after some chance encounters with the barricade. Continue reading →

SHOT Show 2015 – Bryan Litz and Todd Hodnett at the Kestrel Booth

While at the 2015 SHOT Show we got a chance to drop by the Kestrel booth and catch Todd Hodnett from Accuracy 1st and Bryan Litz from Applied Ballistics discussing use of the Kestrel Meters and some upcoming Kestrel products. There is a ton of information in this video. Unfortunately we were not able to patch into their mics so we had to deal with the crowd noise. However, I think it still came out fairly well. Stay tuned as we post more videos from the 2015 SHOT Show throughout the week!

USMC Scout Sniper Association Raffle

Photo by Josaphat Orozco Photography
Photo by Josaphat Orozco Photography

The Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt, veterans service organization under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code. By law it is composed of Veterans with the sole purpose of supporting Veterans, Dependents and their survivors. Members are current active duty and former Marine Snipers.

In order to raise funds to support their various programs, the USMC Scout Sniper Association is raffling off an M40A5 Sniper Rifle complete with AN/PVS-27 Night Vision Device. The total estimated value of the package is $25,000.00. This rifle is exactly like the rifles used by active duty Marine Snipers. Built by the Marines at the Precision Weapons Section at Quantico.

If you would like to support a great organization and get the chance to own an amazing rifle, head to the raffle page. Tickets are $10. You may purchase as many as you like.

Ticket sales close at 11:59PM EST on 03/15/15. The drawing will be on 03/17 in Washington DC. You do not need to be present to win.