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SHOT Show 2018 – American Rifle Company Nucleus Action

American Rifle Company is quite well known in the precision rifle world for their novel approach to scope rings as well as their Mausingfield action. This year ARC released the Nucleus action. The Nucleus carries over the Remington 700 type footprint, controlled round feed and the Mauser type extractor of the Maustingfield, but is most certainly not just a Mausingfield update. The Nucleus uses a toroidal three lug bolt to deliver a smooth 72 degrees of bolt lift. This is considerably shorter than the Mausingfield and most Model 700 clones.

While three-lug bolts and short lift is nothing new, I am not aware of a single modern action that combines these features with controlled-round feed. The Nucleus also offers a Springfield Type internal ejector. This allows the shooter to easily control how hard the spent case or live cartridge is ejected from the receiver. This combination also reduces the chances of double-feed malfunctions.

The Nucleus is compatible with Remington 700 stocks and chassis and will accept Remington 700 triggers. The Nucleus is designed to feed from the center and will work with AICS type magazine systems like ARC’s own “ARC MAG” however it will not work with Accuracy International AW or AX double stack magazines.

The Nucleus has a very long list of features, this makes the list price of $1000 very appealing.

First Look: McMillan A6 Fiberglass Stock

McMillan is well known for their high-quality fiberglass stocks. My experience with McMillan products began when I was issued an M40A1 Sniper Rifle in the US Marine Corps. Since then, I have grown to respect the quality and durability that McMillan builds into their products. When McMillan offered me the chance to look at their latest stock design, I quickly accepted.

The McMillan A6 is an evolution of their tactical rifle stock lineage. The A6 in silhouette appears very similar to the A5 or A3-5. However, there are some key differences. Continue reading First Look: McMillan A6 Fiberglass Stock

Lyman Borecam Borescope Review

The interior of a rifle’s bore is a mystery to most shooters. When a professional gunsmith wants to take a look inside the bore of a rifle, he usually turns to tools costing $1500 or more. This is out of the reach of most shooters. When Lyman contacted us and asked us to take a look at their Borecam Digital Borescope, we jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading Lyman Borecam Borescope Review

Bushnell Engage 4-16x44mm Rifle Scope First Look

Available from Cabela’s –

Revic PMR 428 on deck!

Revic has sent us a beta version of their new PMR 428 rifle scope. This scope comes with a host of features that we are used to finding on high-end rifles scopes, but also adds a built-in ballistic computer with a heads-up display.

This is not a “one size fits most” setup like some other scopes on the market. The PMR allows you to program in your rifle’s profile. The scope then samples the atmosphere and computes a real-time ballistic solution based on the position of the turret. What this means is that as you turn the turret on the scope, it will show you what yardage your dope is set for based on the current conditions. You also have the ability to input a wind speed and vector and see your hold on the display.

If your batteries die and you are left without the electronics, you still have a high-quality rifle scope with MOA turrets and a usable MOA based reticle.

I am looking forward to working with this revolutionary new optic and seeing how it stacks up against a traditional optic and Kestrel Weather Meter.

Modular Driven Technologies ESS Chassis Review (MDT ESS)


Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

One of the most enjoyable parts of shooting precision rifles is hearing the “ring” of a steel target. Unfortunately, there are a lot of environmental conditions that may make hearing that glorious sound difficult. Not hearing or seeing your impacts during a practice session can be frustrating. A spotter not seeing them during a match can cost points and possibly a win.

There are several target hit indicating products on the market, but I have not seen any that are as compact and easy to setup as the Magnetospeed T1000. The T1000 is a self-contained unit that is actually designed from the start to be left in the field. With the T1000 there is no need to send runners out to each target on “Day 2” to replace the gear. Continue reading Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

VISM Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool Review

Pushing off the factory Glock plastic sight.
Pushing off the factory Glock plastic sight.

Replacing the sights on a handgun can be a frustrating task. The simplest method is to clamp the slide in a vice and drift the sight off with a brass punch. While this is an inexpensive method, it offers a great chance of damage to the slide and sight. In addition to the risk of damage, it makes it difficult to make fine adjustments to the zero of the handgun.

There are a number of sight installation tools on the market to make this job safer and easier. Unfortunately, many of them are make/model specific and expensive. This is why I was excited when I came across the VISM Universal Rear Sight Installation Tool. Continue reading VISM Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool Review

Magnetospeed M-Series Grip Review

Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.
Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.

After using many AR15 grips, I have come to the conclusion that grip choice often just boils down to personal preference. It has become hard for me to get excited about a new grip, but Magnetospeed has my interest with their new M-Series Grip. This is a grip that adds some utility to your rifle. Continue reading Magnetospeed M-Series Grip Review