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Bushnell Engage 4-16x44mm Rifle Scope First Look

Available from Cabela’s –¬†

Revic PMR 428 on deck!

Revic has sent us a beta version of their new PMR 428 rifle scope. This scope comes with a host of features that we are used to finding on high-end rifles scopes, but also adds a built-in ballistic computer with a heads-up display.

This is not a “one size fits most” setup like some other scopes on the market. The PMR allows you to program in your rifle’s profile. The scope then samples the atmosphere and computes a real-time ballistic solution based on the position of the turret. What this means is that as you turn the turret on the scope, it will show you what yardage your dope is set for based on the current conditions. You also have the ability to input a wind speed and vector and see your hold on the display.

If your batteries die and you are left without the electronics, you still have a high-quality rifle scope with MOA turrets and a usable MOA based reticle.

I am looking forward to working with this revolutionary new optic and seeing how it stacks up against a traditional optic and Kestrel Weather Meter.

Modular Driven Technologies ESS Chassis Review (MDT ESS)


Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

One of the most enjoyable parts of shooting precision rifles is hearing the “ring” of a steel target. Unfortunately, there are a lot of environmental conditions that may make hearing that glorious sound difficult. Not hearing or seeing your impacts during a practice session can be frustrating. A spotter not seeing them during a match can cost points and possibly a win.

There are several target hit indicating products on the market, but I have not seen any that are as compact and easy to setup as the Magnetospeed T1000. The T1000 is a self-contained unit that is actually designed from the start to be left in the field. With the T1000 there is no need to send runners out to each target on “Day 2” to replace the gear. Continue reading Magnetospeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

VISM Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool Review

Pushing off the factory Glock plastic sight.
Pushing off the factory Glock plastic sight.

Replacing the sights on a handgun can be a frustrating task. The simplest method is to clamp the slide in a vice and drift the sight off with a brass punch. While this is an inexpensive method, it offers a great chance of damage to the slide and sight. In addition to the risk of damage, it makes it difficult to make fine adjustments to the zero of the handgun.

There are a number of sight installation tools on the market to make this job safer and easier. Unfortunately, many of them are make/model specific and expensive. This is why I was excited when I came across the VISM Universal Rear Sight Installation Tool. Continue reading VISM Universal Pistol Rear Sight Tool Review

Magnetospeed M-Series Grip Review

Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.
Magnetospeed M-Series Grip with DryBox installed.

After using many AR15 grips, I have come to the conclusion that grip choice often just boils down to personal preference. It has become hard for me to get excited about a new grip, but Magnetospeed has my interest with their new M-Series Grip. This is a grip that adds some utility to your rifle. Continue reading Magnetospeed M-Series Grip Review

Gemtech Tracker Silencer Review

Once upon a time, a small country allied to the US needed a lightweight, inexpensive silencer for their special purpose bolt action rifles. Gemtech won the contract to provide that silencer. When the project was completed, Gemtech had a lightweight inexpensive design that could fit a variety of commercial uses. With a slight redesign, the Gemtech Tracker was born.

The Gemtech Tracker is a lightweight, .30 caliber suppressor designed for low-volume of fire applications. The suppressor is constructed of aluminum with a titanium blast baffle. This results in a compact package that weighs in at 11.3 ounces. Continue reading Gemtech Tracker Silencer Review

Counterfeit Atlas Strikes Again

THIS is why I get upset about the Counterfeit Atlas bipods:

At the range this morning a gentleman saw my Atlas bipod and mentioned that he just really wasn’t happy with his. I was standing about five feet away from his rig and could see that it was a fake Atlas. He was sure it was legit because it says “Atlas Patented” on the bipod and the box had Atlas marked on it. I pulled my real Atlas off of the MATEN and pointed out the differences. I even showed him that the “problem” he was having with his didn’t exist on the legit model. THIS is the issue. He is a pretty friendly guy. There is no telling how many people he told about his “problem”. This may have cost several sales and cost B&T Industries some revenue. In addition, this guy got suckered into buying a Chinese product when he thought he was getting a good deal on an American made piece of hardware. I don’t have any issue with guys who just don’t like the Atlas or who think they are overpriced. That’s fine, don’t buy them. I just have issues with people who will buy stolen intellectual property and try to justify it. I have an even bigger problem with scumbags who will pass off counterfeit products and ripoff shooters who don’t know how to spot them.


Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56mm F1 Rifle Scope Review

We have been working with the Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. Rifle Scope for quite awhile now. We have shot it on numerous different rifle systems and in competition and training. It is a phenomenal scope, but is it worth the money? Check out our video review and see if you think the Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. really is the Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology.


Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review

Years ago, it was uncommon to see someone outside of the military or Law Enforcement carrying a handgun with a weapon light. As lights became more compact and less expensive, they became much more common. More and more citizens began to add weapon lights to their concealed carry handguns. Inforce has released a new product to make this even easier.

Traditionally, adding a weapon light to your favorite compact handgun also added unwanted bulk and made it less comfortable to conceal. Lights add some significant length if not also thickness to a pistol. Inforce solved this by taking one of the most popular concealed carry handguns, the Glock 19, and designing a weapon light to fill the empty space under the dust cover. Continue reading Inforce APLc Glock Pistol Light Review