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Magpul Pro 700 Chassis Announced

Just one week prior to the 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) Magpul announced the release of their new Pro 700 Chassis for the Remington 700 rifle. The Pro 700 appears to have addressed all of my criticism of the Hunter 700, although that stock continues to be an excellent value for the entry level precision rifle shooter. The question is, how will the market accept the Pro 700 at this price point in a saturated chassis market.

The highlights include:

  • Ambidextrous bedding block (left or right-handed actions)
  • Push button folding stock (reversible for left or right folder)
  • Tool-less Length of Pull, Buttpad Height/Tilt and Comb Height Adjustment
  • Molded, Adjustable for Sweep and Trigger Pull Length
  • Large Trigger Guard for Glove Use
  • QD Sling Mounting Points
  • M-Lok Accessory Slots
  • AICS Compatible Magazine Well
  • Low-Profile Magazine Release
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Shelf
  • Length – 32.7” – 34.6” (23.5” when folded)
  • Weight –  5.4 lbs

Magpul has set the MSRP at $999.95 and estimated availability in April 2018. Hopefully, we will have more information after we get our hands on the Pro 700 at the SHOT Show.

Franklin Armory “Reformation” SHOT Show AR tease

Franklin Armory dropped a pre-SHOT Show bomb today in the form of a press release. The image in the press release appears to be an AR15 type short barreled rifle, but Franklin Armory claims that this new firearm does not require registration under the National Firearms Act. The firearm appears to have a conventional buttstock and a 11.5″ barrel.

There is not much information available yet, but based on the image and the legal definition of a short barreled rifle, it will be interesting to see how they managed to convince the ATF that this firearm doesn’t fall under the requirements for registration.

My speculation based on the “rifle” features that are visible in the photo, is that they are using a barrel that doesn’t qualify as “rifled”. How they intend to stabilize the projectile and if it will accept standard ammunition is a question that we will have to wait to answer.

You can be sure that we will stop by the Franklin Armory booth at the SHOT Show to bring you more information.

Revic PMR 428 on deck!

Revic has sent us a beta version of their new PMR 428 rifle scope. This scope comes with a host of features that we are used to finding on high-end rifles scopes, but also adds a built-in ballistic computer with a heads-up display.

This is not a “one size fits most” setup like some other scopes on the market. The PMR allows you to program in your rifle’s profile. The scope then samples the atmosphere and computes a real-time ballistic solution based on the position of the turret. What this means is that as you turn the turret on the scope, it will show you what yardage your dope is set for based on the current conditions. You also have the ability to input a wind speed and vector and see your hold on the display.

If your batteries die and you are left without the electronics, you still have a high-quality rifle scope with MOA turrets and a usable MOA based reticle.

I am looking forward to working with this revolutionary new optic and seeing how it stacks up against a traditional optic and Kestrel Weather Meter.

Federal’s new cartridge: .224 Valkyrie

Sources state that the new cartridge that Federal is hinting at will be a bit smaller than the 6mm many were hoping for. It appears that Federal’s new offering will launch the .224 caliber bullet. The question is, will the initial offerings be heavy target/long range bullets, or are we looking at another varmint cartridge? Their marketing so far seems to indicate the former.

Federal is set to spill the beans on 10/16/17, but we will update you as more details leak out.

Ruger Precision Rifle Safety Bulletin

Ruger has identified a problem with Ruger Precision Rifles with the aluminum bolt shroud. Some rifles may experience interference with the firing pin that can cause light strikes. In severe cases, it may cause failure to fire when the trigger is pulled, then cause the rifle to fire when the bolt is touched.

This is not a recall, but Ruger has setup a program where owners of affected rifles may apply for a free replacement bolt shroud. Ruger advises that if you have fired more than 100 rounds through your rifle without any light strikes or other issues, your rifle is “unlikely to be affected” and no further action is necessary.

Possibly affected serial number range is 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 OR 1801-00506 to 1801-30461

Full details on the issue are available in the Safety Bulletin PDF.

TriggrCon 2017

TriggrCon 2017 is a relatively new trade show held in Tacoma, Washington. John Hwang of Defense Marketing Group has assembled some of the best firearms and accessory manufacturers that the Northwest United States has to offer, as well as others from across the country. The show kicked off on Thursday with a industry only range day at a secluded location away from any possible protests (this is western Washington). Friday the show opened at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center for industry members only. Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. While many in the general public take offense to the “industry only” days, it offers a great opportunity for networking and allows media better access to bring coverage to shooters who are not able to physically attend the show.

While walking the isles I heard many exhibitors and attendees comment on how the show has grown from last year. Judging by the turnout this year, I expect that this show will continue to grow and possibly help fill the gap between each SHOT Show (typically held in January). There was a great assortment of innovation with a handful of the odd thrown in. There were even some glimpses of products that won’t be released publicly until the SHOT Show in January. Below is just a handful of the products we encountered. Continue reading TriggrCon 2017

TriggrCon 2017, Tacoma, WA

TriggrCon 2017 is underway at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in Tacoma, WA. TriggrCon is a gathering of some of the best firearms and accessory manufacturers in the Northwestern US. The show runs through Sunday and is open to the public. Check out for details. If you are in the Tacoma area, check it out. If you see us wandering about, stop and say Hi!

Modular Driven Technologies Releases new ESS Chassis

Modular Driven Technologies dropped their new chassis on our doorstep a week before the 2017 SHOT Show. We had just enough time to unpack it and check out the features before we hit the road for the trip to Las Vegas. We plan on discussing the new ESS chassis at SHOT and we will have a full review published after we put it through its paces.

Magpul Pmag 12 GL9 Available Now!

Magpul is now shipping the new Pmag 12 GL9 magazine for the Glock 26. We have had great results with the Pmag 17 and 21 GL9 magazines and wasted no time in ordering a Pmag 12 GL9. Once we get a chance to run a few boxes of ammo through it we will post a full review. If you want to get yours now, click on over to the Magpul Website and order one (the site would only allow us to order ONE). 

Crickett Precision Rifle .22LR Announced

Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC. just announced the new Crickett Precision Rifle on their Facebook page. There is not a lot of information out yet, but it appears the rifle will be available in January 2017 and retail for approximately $310. This small .22 bolt action should appeal to Accuracy International hands who want to outfit their little shooters in style. We hope to have some more information as the 2017 SHOT Show approaches.