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Pinup Girl PVC Patch (Dark)

Sold Out

Velcro Backed Pin-up Girl Patch $22.00 USD

We have redesigned our original Pin-up Girl Patch. It is slightly smaller than the previous version (3″ x 3″), but much higher quality. This little gem is made in the USA by a Veteran Owned business. By necessity, the price has gone up. However we thought it was important to use an American company for this project. We understand that there are cheaper patches out there. However you are not just buying a patch, you are supporting us and keeping a US company in bullets and beer! These are in limited supply. Make sure you get yours before they are gone! (Order)

hat_pinup logo

Sold Out

Pinup Logo Hat $21.00

Tactical Nylon Products:

We have outsourced the production of our Tactical Nylon gear to a major US manufacturer. All of our gear will be distributed through Triad Tactical. You can purchase it directly from Triad Tactical here.

Triad Tactical Online Store

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  1. Just watched your recent YouTube video an you said u had hats a patches on your store web site just wondering where abouts

  2. Just watched the latest Mailcall Monday (#19). Great! I have only discovered your site about a month ago but I’m working my way through the backlog.. The next best was the one tat your wife did on introducing women to shooting. Dan.

  3. Thanks for your informative videos and reviews. You’re becoming a bit of a celebrity up here in the Canadian gun community. Any idea when you’ll have some swag available?

  4. Ive been watching your videos for over a year now an have really learned alot of interesting things to help me in training an in the field. Im a true Rem 700 shooter as its what i trained an used through sniper school an the service but im curious what is ur idea on the savage 10FP an the accutrigger? Not alot of aftermarket options but still a nice shooting rifle. I picked up one at a great deal.

  5. Please tell me you’ve got t-shirts in the works? šŸ™‚
    Also any chance of new hat design or former hat back in stock?

    Cheers & Merry Christmas, you guys do amazing work thank you

  6. Been watching your videos and got quite interested on your “budget precision rifle”. Been watching other topics to such as scope, bolt handling, and all. I do own a Remington 700 tac aac sd @ .308. Tried different ammunition with different grains and could not get the desired accuracy.

    Shimmed the barrel with “prescription plastic bottle” (orange bottle) which fits perfectly well by the action on to the stock and the barrel is truly free floating. Shot 168gr Remington Premier Match, 168gr Hornady TAP AMAX, 168gr Winchester Match ammo and was able to get .35 to .55 MOA at 100 yards. (with bullet to bullet holes). The rest were from .7 to 2.5 MOA.

    I watch your video on shimming with soda aluminum can. But since i chose to use the plastic prescription bottle because of its shape and it sits like a mold on the barrel and stock. Does it have a long term affect being plastic? or do i need to change it to aluminum?

    I do apologized for this, i know you have answered too many questions on budget precision rifle, but i just need your expert opinion.

  7. I watched your cleaning video on precision rifles what about hunting rifles that are used for target along with hunting. I have a 308 Ruger American alot of people will say clean and remove copper after every time the gun is fired and some say remove just corbon fouling, and copper only if your accuracy starts to go or if gun gets wet or very dirty…. so what is it copper or no copper help… David

  8. Hey John,
    Thanks for all you do. Got a quick question. Have you seen the remage barrel nut for the rem 700? It converts it to a rifle that can be rebarreled without a gunsmith. Your thoughts? Thanks again. Jeremy

  9. I have worked with my rem 700 aac sd to get a load. My load ended up being 178 AMAX and 43 grains of reloader 15, imagine that. It shoots like a dream. However, I chrono’ed it the other day and the fastest speed I got was 2350fps? I used 2 chronographs to make sure my readings were correct. The weather was 55 degrees and sunny. So i dont think the powder should have been cold and reduced the speed. Did you find this to be true with your AAC? I appreciate what you do for the sport. Thanks again, Jeremy

    1. That is about right if you are running a 16.5″ barreled version. The 20″ should be closer to 2500fps with that load. However there are quite a few variables that could affect your velocity. Get it out to some distance if possible and see how much elevation it takes to hit. That should tell you if the velocity is correct.

  10. John you showed a QD footman’s loop for Magpul PRS stock where can find that?
    great vids I am learning a lot

  11. John,

    I saw a photo of you holding a tan Drake Hunter Stalker rifle system. I am interested in purchasing this chassis for hunting but i believe it looks like the forgrip appears to be very short, whats your opinion.


  12. John, I saw a data book cover you created in another forum. Any chance you have one left over that you would be willing to sell?

    Love your YouTube channel, keep up the great work!

  13. John how do I contact you for direct questions concerning AK’s and upgrades for them, wasr 10 and or century arms C39.

  14. John,

    I saw a clip on youtube that your picatinny rail (cant remember what clip) is milled out for better shell ejection or for ppl with large hands. Is that custom made or can it be bought that way? Havent found it anywere.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I believe at one point the Leupold MkIV bases had this feature. However now it appears that most bases are full picatinny spec. It should be a simple task for a machine shop to cut out the base. Doing so will limit where you can put your rings, so make sure you know where you want them to go.

  15. hey John,

    love your videos. have learned a lot from watching them. thanks for all the in depth info. I was wondering if you are going to have t-shirts for sale anytime soon? thanks.

  16. Officer McQuay, I want to thank you for your service as a United States Marine and your continued service as a LEO. I enjoy all of your videos but especially the build projects. Good luck on any and all upcoming matches.
    Curtis Brannam, Sgt. U.S. Army Oct ’67 – Nov ’73

  17. Officer McQuay, Thank you for your service as an United States Marine and your continued service as a LEO. I enjoy all of your videos, especially the builds, hope you produce more builds soon. Wishing you good luck on any and all upcoming matches.
    Curtis L. Brannam, Sr. Sgt. U.S. Army Oct ’67 – Nov ’73

  18. John
    Not sure where to post questions so I’ll try here.
    I have a Rem 700 5R .308 and I’ve just started reloading. I tried the ladder test first for signs of pressure. The problem is that I’m seeing sign VERY early. I’m using Lapua brass with 155 Nosler CC and ADI 2208 (Varget). ADI said 44-47 but I get to 45.5 and the bolt is hard to pull up. I can’t get any more than 2780fps out of the rifle. I’m really stuck on WHY because I would like to get more FPS out on this gun. I’m going to see if it happens again when I reload the fired brass and maybe try 2206H (H4895). Any ideas?

  19. John,
    I have a Savage Model 111 in .338 Lapua and I’m building it up into a dedicated long range system. I have looked around for a couple months and I’m trying to find another stock or chassis system for it, but it’s proved very hard to find one that will accept the dropped magazines in a traditional M40 style stock. Also I’m looking for a good piece of glass to run on top. I’m a true believer in Leupold, but I have taken a found interest in the Vortex PST line. What are your thoughts.


  20. John,
    Been following your site for a long time from Ireland. I enjoyed your snap of your IrishShooter patch! The site is a credit to you, well done!

    Have you any ETA on some apparel? Get 8541 going global!

    Keep up the good work, a lot of people learn a huge amount from your videos!


  21. John great job on the videos. I enjoyed the Mega Maten series. I am starting a Mega MKM 308 build and had a question about barrel length. On the Maten you used a 16 inch. Some reviews I have seen feel a 16 inch 308 barrel will be considerably louder than an 18 inch. What’s your feeling on the pros and cons of this trade-off between the 16 and 18 inch barrel length for one of these builds? Thank you in advance.

    1. I can tell you that a 16″ is considerably louder than a 20″ at the shooter’s ear. I have not measured it with testing equipment and I don’t currently have an 18″ .308.

  22. Where did you get your camo skull? I have tried to google it, but am not finding anything. Mostly art. I served in the Corps in the late 70’s and 80’s. I love your YouTube.

  23. Love the show and love the hats! When will you have more? We will pay for made in USA 8541 tactical gear!

  24. Hey John. I recently found your you-tube channel while doing research for a precision rifle build. I really appreciate the info I gleaned from your shows. It was instrumental in some of my choices for that build. I should maybe start by telling you a bit about the rifle before I get to my question. It’s a Rem 700 .308 in an XLR Evolution chassis. I had Red Hawk Rifles in Grand Junction CO build it for me. They put a 20″ heavy barrel on it, and I paid them to do a blue print on the barrel / action. They sold me 10 rnd mags, but I am not sure what brand they are. They are metal. They seem very well made, and the only distinguishing mark on them, is the word “Accurate” pressed into the metal. I only mention this, because I suspect they may be the cause of the problem I’m writing you about. The rifle is badass. It shoots sub .5 MOA groups at a 100 yards all day with high quality ammo. The problem I’m having is cycling the bolt back forward when it’s loading the next round in the chamber. It’s extremely hard. So hard that I almost have to strike the bolt handle with the heal of my hand to get it started. My wife can’t even do it without my assistance. Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. Please advise.

    1. Sounds like you have “Accurate” Brand AICS magazines. I suggest purchasing one Accuracy International brand AICS magazine and see if the rifle functions smoothly. If not, then it may be an issue with how high the magazine is riding in the chassis. If that is the case, I would contact XLR and ask for their suggestion.

    1. Thanks John. I followed your advice and purchased an authentic AICS Mag. It just came in the mail, so I loaded it up, and cycled 10 rounds through it. It performed flawlessly. I guess there’s on substitute for quality. Your advice was spot on. Thank you and God bless you for the service you provide to all of us less knowledgeable (but enthusiastic) shooters.

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