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Safariland Adds 7TS Holster Fits for Glock and Sig Sauer Firearms

7TS 7360 Holster with Light

This week Safariland announced the expansion of their new “7TS™” Holster series. The new holster now has options for Glock and Sig models equipped with the latest Surefire and Streamlight weapon lights.

This announcement is very exciting for us. We have held off from looking at the new 7TS™ due to the lack of a weapon light option. When I first began using weapon lights on handguns I found it incredibly cumbersome to attach and remove the weapon light under pressure and in the heat of the moment. Anyone relying on a handgun as a primary weapon should have a light attached to it, and train to use it.

I have used the Safariland 6004 in a SWAT capacity and the SLS/ALS models in a uniform capacity for years. I currently use a Safariland competition holster for Steel Challenge. I love the quality and durability of their products. Although the 7TS™ is a very modern looking holster, I am looking forward to finding classic Safariland reliability. Continue reading Safariland Adds 7TS Holster Fits for Glock and Sig Sauer Firearms

Thunder Beast Arms announces BA to CB Brake upgrade program.

Thunder Beast Arms Corporation CB Brake
Thunder Beast Arms Corporation CB Brake

In anticipation of their first series of CB Suppressors shipping, Thunder Beast Arms Corp. (TBAC) has announced a trade-in program for owners of new/unused BA series brakes.

The new CB brakes are advertised to be smaller, more attractive and 40% more efficient.

TBAC has also created a “CB-to-BA” Adapter for owners of BA series suppressors who wish to use the new CB brakes with their current suppressor. If you are hoping for a new CB series flash suppressor, sit tight. TBAC is working on it.

For more information on the trade-in program or to purchase adapters, check out the Thunder Beast Arms Corporation webpage.