Alamo Four Star DLOC-S Bipod Upgrade

Alamo DLOC-S Bipod Upgrade
Cadex Strike 30 Chassis with DLOC-S Upgraded Harris BRM-S

The Harris BRM-S series of bipods is one of the most popular choices for precision rifle shooters. The swivel base, spring actuated legs and fast deployment make it well suited for fast setup on uneven terrain. The BRM-S has served military and law enforcement shooters all over the world and is made here in the USA.

Harris BRM-SHarris bipods are good, but one glaring deficiency is the way they attach to the rifle. Harris Bipods are designed to attach to the sling swivel of a standard rifle stock. This works well if your rifle is equipped with a single or pair of swivels. If your rifle is a more modern design with picatinny rails, then you run into a problem. Harris does not offer a rail attachable version of their bipod. If you want to attach a BRM-S or other Harris Bipod to your rail equipped rifle you need to resort to a selection of adapters. Some work well. Some work poorly. All will add some height to the bipod in both it’s extended and stowed position. Finally, all of the adapters still attach through a single stud. That is a lot of leverage on a very thin piece of metal. If you properly load a bipod while shooting, then every shot applies forward and back force to that small point. Alamo Four Star has a solution.

Alamo DLOC-S KitAlamo Four Star, creators of the DLOC mount offer a DLOC conversion for the Harris swivel bipods. The DLOC-S kit replaces everything above the hinge with a strong and a solid stainless steel banding rail clamp. The kit includes a DLOC-S mount, Shooters Adjustable Rotary Grip (S.A.R.G.) Knob, stainless wear washer and replacement 1/4″ aircraft nut.

Installing the DLOC-S and S.A.R.G. is quick and totally changes the utility of the Harris Bipod. With the DLOC-S mount you can rapidly remove your bipod from one rifle and install it on another rail equipped rifle without any adjustment. The DLOC mount automatically adjusts for minor variances in the rail dimensions.

Alamo DLOC-S KitThe S.A.R.G. knob adds a new feature to the Harris bipod. After installation it gives the shooter the ability to quickly lock out the swivel feature on the bipod. It is large enough to grasp with slick or gloved hands, but low profile enough to be out of the way. You no longer need to concern yourself with “clocking” a lever to keep from breaking it on a barricade.


Installation of the DLOC-S is simple. The only tools needed are a 1/4″ socket or nut-driver.

Note: If you do not already have a bipod, Alamo Four Star sells the Harris BRM-S with the DLOC-S and S.A.R.G. already installed (Link).

DLOC Components1. Remove the components from the package.

DLOC Install 12. Remove the 1/4″ nut from the center of the knurled knob on the Harris BRM-S. Then remove the knurled knob.

DLOC Install 23. Be careful not to loose the the pin from the back of the hinge assembly.

DLOC Install 34. Remove the entire hinge assembly.

DLOC Install 35. These are the only parts we are going to re-use.

DLOC Install 46. Set the DLOC-S mount on the legs.

DLOC Install 57. Reinstall the brass washer.

DLOC Install 68. Reinstall the bolt and cross-pin.

DLOC Install 7

9. While holding the bolt and cross-pin in place, set the stainless wear washer over the threaded end of the bolt.

DLOC Install 810. Thread on the S.A.R.G. Knob, being careful not to cross-thread it. Snug the knob down hand tight.

DLOC Install 911. Install the 1/4″ Aircraft Nut. Tighten it down, then back off the nut 1/4 turn.

The installation is now complete. Enjoy your new bipod.

Alamo Bipod Finished

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    1. A QD lever would be counter to the design intent. On one of our other brand QD bipods we often have to adjust the lever for each rail we install it on. The Picatinny Specification has a tolerance. The DLOC design helps to account for that tolerance without adding complexity.

  1. Would you say my best option on a Remy 700 with a B&C light tactical stock would be the KMW Pod-Loc or would the small SARG knob work? Thanks in advance for all you do. What I have learned from subscribing to you You Tube channel has been great.

  2. John, have you ever had issues with the DLOC coming loose on the rail during a match or during heavy use? I am looking for an easier and tool-less way to take my Harris off quickly during a match but don’t want to have to worry about it coming loose when not intended.

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