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ZRODelta DLOC-SS Bipod Released

My favorite Harris Bipod is a BRM-S 6-9″ refitted with an Alamo Four Star DLOC clamp and SARG knob. The addition of the DLOC and SARG knob made the BRM-S better in every way. When I heard that ZRODelta (formerly Alamo Four Star) was releasing a new upgrade to the Harris bipod, they had my attention. Continue reading ZRODelta DLOC-SS Bipod Released

Counterfeit Parts, The Atlas Bipod Confusion.

Some time ago I had an online conversation with one of our viewers about theĀ  Atlas Bipod, produced by B&T Industries. Kasey at B&T has been a long time supporter of what we do and his company produces as solid product that has been supporting rifles, killing bad-guys at home and abroad for many years. In addition, B&T Industries is a huge supporter of Precision Rifle Matches. It has become commonplace to see a “Ace of Spades” stage at the start of the match, with the chance of winning a bipod.

Our viewer lamented that the Atlas was too expensive for his income bracket and he had purchased a copy from Amazon for much less. Continue reading Counterfeit Parts, The Atlas Bipod Confusion.