Ultimatum Precision “Deadline” Action

Ultimatum Precision has opened pre-orders on their new “Deadline” Action.

The Deadline is a Remington 700 footprint action, but this is not another 700 clone. The Deadline features a 60° bolt lift and three-lug floating bolt head. Assuming that Ultimatum has been able to keep the bolt lift weight light, this should be a very fast action.

Beyond the bolt throw, the Deadline offers a long list of premium features. The action is designed to accept the AICS or AW magazines. The ejection port was kept small to increase rigidity. The recoil lug is integral to the action. This will make switch-barrel setups much easier to manage. The action will accept Remington 700 pattern triggers and should fit most Remington 700 Short Action chassis.

The Deadline includes a 20 MOA Picatinny (STANAG 4694) scope base that is attached to the top of the action with 6 #8-40 screws and 2 dowels.

The Deadline Action will initially be offered in Short Action configuration with a black nitride finish. Bolt face options are .223, .308 and Magnum. The introductory price is $998 USD. The retail will be $1198 which places it in a very competitive position compared to other custom actions on the market.

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