Ruger Precision Rifle Safety Bulletin

Ruger has identified a problem with Ruger Precision Rifles with the aluminum bolt shroud. Some rifles may experience interference with the firing pin that can cause light strikes. In severe cases, it may cause failure to fire when the trigger is pulled, then cause the rifle to fire when the bolt is touched.

This is not a recall, but Ruger has setup a program where owners of affected rifles may apply for a free replacement bolt shroud. Ruger advises that if you have fired more than 100 rounds through your rifle without any light strikes or other issues, your rifle is “unlikely to be affected” and no further action is necessary.

Possibly affected serial number range is 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 OR 1801-00506 to 1801-30461

Full details on the issue are available in the Safety Bulletin PDF.

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