Franklin Armory “Reformation” SHOT Show AR tease

Franklin Armory dropped a pre-SHOT Show bomb today in the form of a press release. The image in the press release appears to be an AR15 type short barreled rifle, but Franklin Armory claims that this new firearm does not require registration under the National Firearms Act. The firearm appears to have a conventional buttstock and a 11.5″ barrel.

There is not much information available yet, but based on the image and the legal definition of a short barreled rifle, it will be interesting to see how they managed to convince the ATF that this firearm doesn’t fall under the requirements for registration.

My speculation based on the “rifle” features that are visible in the photo, is that they are using a barrel that doesn’t qualify as “rifled”. How they intend to stabilize the projectile and if it will accept standard ammunition is a question that we will have to wait to answer.

You can be sure that we will stop by the Franklin Armory booth at the SHOT Show to bring you more information.

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