ZRODelta DLOC-SS Bipod Released

My favorite Harris Bipod is a BRM-S 6-9″ refitted with an Alamo Four Star DLOC clamp and SARG knob. The addition of the DLOC and SARG knob made the BRM-S better in every way. When I heard that ZRODelta (formerly Alamo Four Star) was releasing a new upgrade to the Harris bipod, they had my attention.The ZRODelta DLOC-SS replaces the entire upper half of the Harris bipod with a DLOC mounting system. The DLOC mount uses a spring-loaded clamp with a thum-nut type lock. This system has worked well for us on scope mounts, bipods, and accessories. In addition to adding the Picatinny mount, the DLOC-SS adds panning capability. A stock BRM-S can only pan by flexing the legs. Finally, the DLOC-SS upgrade adds a beefier knob that locks the cant of the bipod.

ZRODelta will be offering the DLOC-SS in two ways. You can order a kit to upgrade your Harris BRM-S bipod for $189. Alternatively, you can order the complete system assembled on the AimTech Warhammer bipod for $269.

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  1. I love my DLOC-SS. I need to pick up another because I’m always passing this one between my other rifles. Nobody has time for that.

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