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Bushnell Engage 4-16x44mm Rifle Scope First Look

Available from Cabela’s – http://bit.ly/2AK0bJG

Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS-A1) Review

Desert Tech was kind enough to loan us one of their SRS-A1 rifles to take for a spin. After some time with the system, we are happy to report back to you with our impressions.

Tikka T3 CTR – Reader Submission

We have gotten a number of requests for information on the Tikka T3 series of rifles. I have been given the opportunity to shoot them in various forms, several times over the past few years. However we have not been able to find the time to do a comprehensive review.

Jason Holmes contacted us and asked if we would be interested his experience with his Tikka T3 CTR. After reading his opinion, we felt our readers might benefit from it. We are still looking forward to a chance to complete a full review of a Tikka T3 and hope to accomplish that soon.

Continue reading Tikka T3 CTR – Reader Submission

Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #4 – Ruger Precision Rifle vs. Savage 10 BA Stealth

SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System Review

We recently got a chance to look at a new product from SAIN Defense. Brian Sain, a LE Sniper/Instructor and one of the founders of American Snipers, got a chance to talk to us at the SHOT Show about hit new kit. The SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System is a compact, field portable solutions for those times when you need a rigid cleaning rod. Continue reading SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System Review

Mail Call Mondays Season 4 #21 – Hornady ELD, Parallax, McMillan Stocks and more!

Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

Rear bags come in an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simple. Some have a ton of features. It would be easy to crank out a quick review of something as simple as a shooting bag. However, to get a real feel for how a bag performs, takes time. I spend five months working with the new Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” bag. I really wanted to see if once the “new” wore off, I stuck with it or went back to one of my previous bags. After five months, it’s still the bag I reach for during most of my shooting sessions. Continue reading Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

MDT HS3 Chassis Review

The Modular Driven Technologies HS3 Chassis review video is now up! Watch this space for the web review!

GAP Grind / Bushnell ProAm Registration is now live!

Jump on a chance to shoot at K&M Precision, a top notch facility, side by side with some of the top shooters in our sport! http://kmprecisionrifletraining.com/shop/gap_grind_comp


Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter


Image Courtesy of Inteliscope
Image Courtesy of Inteliscope

It seems more and more “video game” type technology is creeping into the firearms world these days. Previously we brought you information on the amazing new systems from TrackingPoint that adds digital video and ballistics to the long range, precision rifle. We just caught wind of a new product that is more on the “ramen noodle” budget. A company called Inteliscope is set to release an adapter that allows you to mount an iPhone or iPod Touch to the top of a picatinny rail equipped rifle. This along with a companion app will allow you to use your iDevice as a 1-5x rifle scope. The form factor appears to be geared mainly towards AR type firearms, but could possibly be used on other high “height over bore” systems like some bolt action chassis systems. The company is taking pre-orders with a June 2013 ship date. We have no other information at this time, but this looks like a neat gadget. It may have some tactical applications if the durability is there, however it appears that the Inteliscope adapter does not provide any waterproofing or impact protection for the iPhone, thus limiting the environments it can be used in.