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DIY Simple Dope Card Holder

A rifle mounted Dope Card Holder may seem like a very simple thing. It is, but it can make all the difference in the world on a timed stage. It prevents the shooter from having to break position to look at their target engagement data and allows you to keep your eye behind the scope.

A quality Dope Card Holder is not cheap. Some shooters may not be willing to take the leap without trying one. New shooters may just not have the cash to spend. We came up with a really cheap and easy way to get that Dope Card attached to your rifle.

National Rifle League .22LR Match at WSSC (September 2017)

This week we participated in the first National Rifle League 22 match at the Westside Sportsman’s Club in Evansville, IN, sponsored by Red Ghost Gun Shop.

The NRL22 matches are an exciting new format that allows shooters to try their hand at precision rifle stages that would normally not be possible on a 100 yard range. Continue reading National Rifle League .22LR Match at WSSC (September 2017)

Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Sarah and I made the cross-country roadtrip to Warrenton, NC for the first ever Guardian Long Range Two Day Team Match. This is our second trip to Frontline Defense USA. Paul Smith has gone above and beyond to build a chunk of North Carolina woods into a top notch range. Gary Larson continued to demonstrate his ability to put together a spectacular match in order to support a very worth cause. The Guardian matches serve as a charity fundraiser for Bethany Christian Services and to my knowledge, this arrangement is unique in the shooting and charity communities. Continue reading Guardian Long Range April Fools Team Match at Frontline Defense USA

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #24 – Applied Ballistics Seminar

The Precision Rifle Media Podcast

Precision Rifle Media PodcastWhile shooting the Guardian Long Range Competition at the Marksmanship Training Center, I had a chance to speak with Kirk Young of Precision Rifle Media. Kirk extended an invitation to bring me on the Precision Rifle Media Podcast to discuss the Guardian Match. Kirk has some great content and brings on a wide variety of guests. The Precision Rifle Media Podcast is available on the web and on iTunes for Apple fans. Make sure you check it out!

Mail Call Mondays Season 4 #21 – Hornady ELD, Parallax, McMillan Stocks and more!

Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

Rear bags come in an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simple. Some have a ton of features. It would be easy to crank out a quick review of something as simple as a shooting bag. However, to get a real feel for how a bag performs, takes time. I spend five months working with the new Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” bag. I really wanted to see if once the “new” wore off, I stuck with it or went back to one of my previous bags. After five months, it’s still the bag I reach for during most of my shooting sessions. Continue reading Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

MDT HS3 Chassis Review

The Modular Driven Technologies HS3 Chassis review video is now up! Watch this space for the web review!

Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer (Part 2 do-over) Ruger BX-Trigger

BX-TriggerOne of the firs things we noticed when we started this project was how horrible the factory trigger on our 10/22 was. Not only was it very heavy for a light rifle, but when loading pressure the trigger would “creep” forward before eventually breaking. This is not a good situation for overall accuracy. The factory pull weight was close to six pounds. This makes it very difficult to keep precise sight alignment on a light weight rifle. The angle of the wrist portion of the stock also made it extremely difficult to get a “straight to the rear” pull. I knew that in order to get any meaningful results from our modifications, we would need to address the trigger. Continue reading Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer (Part 2 do-over) Ruger BX-Trigger