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8541 Tactical Bean Bag

After a long absence, our tactical nylon gear is available again. The first release is our simple “Bean Bag”. It is 6″ x 6″ x 1″ and constructed of 1000D Cordura Nylon. We used poly-pellets for the fill and it comes in at 14 oz. We added a 1″ webbing loop so you can attach it to your sling, pack, or whatever you need. We kept the price point as low as we could while still manufacturing it in the USA! At $22 we think this is a great, compact, general purpose bean bag. We have partnered with Triad Tactical to distribute our nylon gear. Pick yours up here! Continue reading 8541 Tactical Bean Bag

Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

Rear bags come in an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes. Some are simple. Some have a ton of features. It would be easy to crank out a quick review of something as simple as a shooting bag. However, to get a real feel for how a bag performs, takes time. I spend five months working with the new Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” bag. I really wanted to see if once the “new” wore off, I stuck with it or went back to one of my previous bags. After five months, it’s still the bag I reach for during most of my shooting sessions. Continue reading Short Action Precision “Run n’ Gun” Bag Review

SAP Two Round Holder Review

SAP Two Round HolderWe have all shot those stages where the mag went dry with one target remaining. Or maybe it was a stage that required you to run with a downloaded mag so you had to single load one or two. Regardless there is always the problem of what to do with those extra cartridges. You could stick them in your pocket, but some positions just don’t make that convenient. Wouldn’t it be nice to put them as close to the chamber as possible?

Short Action Precision makes a nifty little product that makes single loading from positions a cinch. Dubbed the “Two Round Holder” it does exactly that. It is a small piece of elastic and webbing that holds two cartridges wherever you want. The Two Round Holder is attached to the rifle by means of an included adhesive loop velcro patch. The holder also includes a non-adhesive loop patch that could be sewn onto any fabric item (stock pack or sling?). The placement opportunities are endless.  Continue reading SAP Two Round Holder Review

WieBad “Pump Pillow”

If it looks stupid, but it works… ain’t stupid! "Pump Pillow" “Pump Pillow” supporting a Southern Indiana Precision Remington 700 with a Kinetic Research Group Whiskey 3 Chassis. and Nightforce BEAST Rifle Scope.

Tactical rifle shooters tend to be a dogmatic bunch. If it looks different or challenges the way we think, we shy away. This was the viewpoint I took when I first saw “tactical pillows” show up at rifle matches. In my eyes they were bulky and looked incredibly silly. Then I used one.

I started my tactical rifle life with a military issued rifle, hauling all the associated support gear, comm equipment, water and if any room was left, a couple bites of chow. If it wasn’t absolutely needed to keep us moving forward or stop us from rotting away, it stayed in the rear. This mindset crippled me from accepting the “tactical pillow”. It was big and bulky. I watched how guys where using them. I believed that I could use my shooting sling to the same effect. I kept this mindset until we had to shoot a rooftop stage in a recent PRS match. The peak of the roof and the method I planned on using to engage the targets would make my little “brick” rear bag useless. My shooting partner was using a “Todd Tac Pack” from This is a 9” x 11” x 4” bag with a lightweight filler and two elastic straps across the top. He offered me the use of his bag. I slipped it on my support arm and I was able to get enough height to stabilize the rear of the rifle. In fact it was rock steady. Continue reading WieBad “Pump Pillow”