SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System Review

We recently got a chance to look at a new product from SAIN Defense. Brian Sain, a LE Sniper/Instructor and one of the founders of American Snipers, got a chance to talk to us at the SHOT Show about hit new kit. The SAIN Defense Firearm Cleaning System is a compact, field portable solutions for those times when you need a rigid cleaning rod.

Most of us carry some type of flexible cleaning system in our packs. That just doesn’t cut it if you end up with a stuck case or a squib load. A solid rod or a dowel is the perfect tool for the job, but they don’t fit well in a pack. GI steel cleaning rods are the old standby, but the thought of sticking one into a premium, match barrel can cause precision shooters some nightmares.

SAIN Cleaning KitBrian Sain has come up with a solution that combines the convenience and portability of the old USGI steel rod with the strength and protection of a one-piece, bench style cleaning rod. The SAIN Defense rod uses 17-4 PH stainless steel rod sections that are the same diameter as a 5.56mm cleaning rod. Where the sections screw together, Sain has added grade 360 brass, 7.62mm sized “Bore-riders”. These Bore-riders serve two purposes. First, they protect  your barrel from the inevitable nicks and burrs that develop at rod joints. Second, they reinforce the joint to reduce flex in the rod.


If you attempt to use a standard 5.56mm rod in a 7.62mm bore, as soon as the brush or jag leaves the muzzle, the rod drops and strikes the crown. With the Bore-riders on the SAIN rod, when the brush punches past the muzzle, the riders keep the 5.56 portion of the rod centered and prevent it from touching the crown. That is a trick that not even a one-piece rod can manage.

SAIN Defense KitThe SAIN Defense Cleaning System comes with a picatinny rail “T” Handle. Brian explained that this is so shooters could attach their own vertical fore grip as a rod handle. The rod end of the handle spins free to allow the rod to follow the rifling without unscrewing the sections. As a nice added touch, the handle includes a 3/8″ drive adapter. This a great option for use with sockets to tighten scope rings or even with a Borka Tools PTL to check action screw torque.

Potential military users will want to take note: The SAIN rod is threaded 8-32 to accept civilian cleaning attachments (such as Dewey and Hoppes). They will not accept military (8-36) threaded attachments. Attempting to thread military accessories to the rod can result in damage. Using the 8-32 thread pitch greatly increases the number of options shooters have in selecting jags and brushes.

SAIN Cleaning KitThe Cleaning System comes packaged in a TAB Gear MOLLE compatible pouch. Inside the pouch is an organizer for the rod sections, two zippered pockets and a cleaning mat that doubles as an Air Panel for signaling. The pouch is extremely well made (typical for TAB Gear). It has enough room for the shooter to customize the cleaning kit to their specific needs. There is more than enough room to add small tools and make it a complete rifle maintenance kit.

At $250 retail, this kit is on the expensive side. However you are getting a very well made, purpose oriented kit that should serve you for a lifetime of shooting. Thanks to SAIN Defense for getting one to us for review. You can pickup your own at Triad Tactical.

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  1. On your Cleaning your precision rifle episode, you used a Lucas bore guide, I am wondering how I can purchase one. Thanks

  2. I have no doubt that Mr. Sain’s kit will work very well in the field. But this is the home of the original “Bore Riding Tools” We were wrote up in “Precision Shooting” in November of 2010 along with other magazines since then. Our tools have also been mentioned on numerous shooting forums around the world. They not only do a great job of cleaning, but they also provide the utmost in protection for your match grade barrels from the business end of a cleaning rod.
    Don … BRBCP …

  3. I was very excited until you revealed the price. Add to my wish list of things I will buy when I win the lottery. Thanks John. Keep the reviews coming.

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