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National Rifle League .22LR Match at WSSC (September 2017)

This week we participated in the first National Rifle League 22 match at the Westside Sportsman’s Club in Evansville, IN, sponsored by Red Ghost Gun Shop.

The NRL22 matches are an exciting new format that allows shooters to try their hand at precision rifle stages that would normally not be possible on a 100 yard range. Continue reading National Rifle League .22LR Match at WSSC (September 2017)

Oregon Sniper Challenge 2015 Update

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Photo by: Terry Doi, Cold Bore Operations

We have been back from our epic road trip to the Oregon Sniper Challenge for about a week now. Just enough time to put the gear away and get back into the daily grind. I was actually shooting this match and attempting to perform to the best of my ability. This did not leave me a lot of time to shoot photos and video. Additionally there were some folks present who needed to stay out of the lens for professional reasons. This gave me a great excuse to just sit back and enjoy shooting. Terry Doi from Cold Bore Operations was acting as the match photographer/videographer and graciously provided a ton of footage and photos for us to use in our media. Terry is an excellent photographer and we are proud to be able to use his work. After the dust settled and the gear was stowed, we shot a quick “wrap up” video covering what the Oregon Sniper Challenge is and what it is not. I hope this whets your appetite for the full video to come.

Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #24 – Precision Tactical Solutions Precision Rifle Series Match

Lessons of the night match.

Redbrush Night Shoot
Learning points for those who have not shot a night match before, in no specific order:

1. PHYSICALLY AND VISUALLY verify that your rifle is clear. It’s way to easy to have a cartridge find it’s way into the chamber. Don’t take chances. Complacency kills.

2. Some type of headlamp is incredibly useful for administrative tasks. Loading mags, picking up brass, setup, teardown and score keeping. Its awesome to not have to dig a light out of your pocket every time you need it and keeping your hands free helps.

3. Illuminated reticles are a must. Very often we run into lighting conditions where you can see the target you need to engage, but your fine FFP reticle is just too fine to see against the shot-up steel. Continue reading Lessons of the night match.

Woody’s Designated Marksman Match 05.03.14

Photos by: Barry Evans,

Woodys DMM 140503
John McQuay (background) and Nick Sammet (foreground) shooting from the dozer blade at Woody’s.

We had barely unpacked from the Precision Rifle Series match at Woody’s Rifle and Hunting Club when we were invited back to experience the awesomeness that is the Woody’s Designated Marksman Match Series.

This year was Woody’s first Precision Rifle Series match. While it was a great match to shoot and went relatively smoothly, we kept hearing how great the DMM matches are. It didn’t take much talking to convince my shooting partner Nick, to take a ride back down to New Hill, North Carolina.

Normally a ten hour drive to a one day match requires two nights in a hotel away from home and two travel days. This can be a little bit of a strain financially and on vacation time for those of us who work non-standard schedules. However, Woody’s DMM isn’t the normal match. Instead of “squadding up” and shooting each stage of the match as a complete squad, Woody’s assigns each two man team a “tee time” prior to the match day. You arrive before your tee time. Checkin in, then shoot each stage in order. You finish and go home. One important thing to note is that the DMM match is a “team” match. Both shooters will shoot on each stage during the allotted time for a combined score. There are no separate scores. As we would see, teamwork was critical. Continue reading Woody’s Designated Marksman Match 05.03.14

Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match 2014

IMG_3933Bright and early Friday morning I found myself loading gear into a rented minivan with two other shooters, heading east for North Carolina and Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match at Woody’s Rifle and Hunting Club in New Hill, NC.

Woody’s is well known for their Designated Marksman team matches. 2014 was the first year for the Precision Rifle format. This match was an individual effort match and qualified for points in the Precision Rifle Series. Continue reading Woody’s Precision Rifle Series Match 2014