Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Kestrel ABIt always amazes me to see the highs and lows of range traffic. It never fails that when the sun is out and the temps are mild, the range will be packed. Take a below-freezing day with high wind and snow and I can almost guarantee the range will be empty. Those “ugly” range days are a blessing in disguise. Not only does nasty weather clear the range. It also forces you to deal with factors you have no control over. If you are a professional shooter, training in adverse conditions is critical. You don’t control when you are sent on patrol or when you are called out. If you are a match shooter it is also critical. Ugly weather will test your gear and your discipline. The next time the weatherman says to stay inside next to the fire, consider grabbing your rifle and heading out into it. Not only will you gain skill and experience, but it will make warming up by the fire with a cup of cocoa much more enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone.”

  1. I quite like the cold wintery days at the range.
    I live in Edmonton, Canada and winter lasts for 4 months of the year. Nothing beats a sunny day…even if it is -10c (14f) if you’re dressed properly it can be quite toasty.
    And I often have the range to myself.
    Though at heart I’m a ‘people person’…sometimes it is just so pleasant to be on the range, targets at 300m, and be all alone with my thoughts and the gun.

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