Lessons of the night match.

Redbrush Night Shoot
Learning points for those who have not shot a night match before, in no specific order:

1. PHYSICALLY AND VISUALLY verify that your rifle is clear. It’s way to easy to have a cartridge find it’s way into the chamber. Don’t take chances. Complacency kills.

2. Some type of headlamp is incredibly useful for administrative tasks. Loading mags, picking up brass, setup, teardown and score keeping. Its awesome to not have to dig a light out of your pocket every time you need it and keeping your hands free helps.

3. Illuminated reticles are a must. Very often we run into lighting conditions where you can see the target you need to engage, but your fine FFP reticle is just too fine to see against the shot-up steel.

4. Batteries for your weapon lights. Check them before you get to the range. I grabbed a carbine I had not used in several months and the batteries in the light were dead. No biggie because I was able to snap the X300 from my handgun onto the rail, but it would have been better to run it like I train.

5. Keep track of your gear. Every time you move take a second to scan the area. It is very easy to leave subdued/camouflaged gear behind. In training it can be painful (pushing for gear adrift) in our hobby it can get REAL expensive…..now where did I leave that rear bag…etc.

6. Double and triple check before moving a vehicle. Thankfully it has not happened at our night matches, but rifles, packs and people have been run over. There is a reason that the military requires “ground guides” for moving vehicles at night in troop occupied areas.

7. Communicate loudly and control tightly. It is easy for someone to wander downrange. Make sure you control movements and you let the world know before you go hot.

8. Have fun. Don’t take shit too seriously. It is still a match and you are there to enjoy.

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  1. Good information, and yes you must keep and eye on everyone. Never shot a rifle after dark, that might be good to do.

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