Revic PMR 428 on deck!

Revic has sent us a beta version of their new PMR 428 rifle scope. This scope comes with a host of features that we are used to finding on high-end rifles scopes, but also adds a built-in ballistic computer with a heads-up display.

This is not a “one size fits most” setup like some other scopes on the market. The PMR allows you to program in your rifle’s profile. The scope then samples the atmosphere and computes a real-time ballistic solution based on the position of the turret. What this means is that as you turn the turret on the scope, it will show you what yardage your dope is set for based on the current conditions. You also have the ability to input a wind speed and vector and see your hold on the display.

If your batteries die and you are left without the electronics, you still have a high-quality rifle scope with MOA turrets and a usable MOA based reticle.

I am looking forward to working with this revolutionary new optic and seeing how it stacks up against a traditional optic and Kestrel Weather Meter.

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