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Patches are back!

After more than a few requests, our Pinup Girl patches are back! You will notice a few small changes from our last version. The new patches are slightly smaller, because they are contoured instead of square. They measure 3″ x 3″ and are made here in the USA by a Veteran owned company! We had to raise the price a bit ($22), but we feel you are getting a better product and we feel better about supporting a US company. Pick them up here in our Online Store.

Oregon Sniper Challenge 2015 Update

Reproducing, republishing or redistributing this work  without permission by Cold Bore Operations, will be violating or infringing on the rights of Cold Bore Operations under the Copyright Act.  Please contact and obtain specific permission from Cold Bore Operations prior to copying or redistributing this image or media.
Photo by: Terry Doi, Cold Bore Operations

We have been back from our epic road trip to the Oregon Sniper Challenge for about a week now. Just enough time to put the gear away and get back into the daily grind. I was actually shooting this match and attempting to perform to the best of my ability. This did not leave me a lot of time to shoot photos and video. Additionally there were some folks present who needed to stay out of the lens for professional reasons. This gave me a great excuse to just sit back and enjoy shooting. Terry Doi from Cold Bore Operations was acting as the match photographer/videographer and graciously provided a ton of footage and photos for us to use in our media. Terry is an excellent photographer and we are proud to be able to use his work. After the dust settled and the gear was stowed, we shot a quick “wrap up” video covering what the Oregon Sniper Challenge is and what it is not. I hope this whets your appetite for the full video to come.

New Berger 6.5mm 130gr AR Hybrid OTM Tactical Bullet

  Berger Bullets has just announced their new 130gr Hybrid 6.5mm bullet. With a G7 ballistic coefficient of .290 you may be wondering where this bullet fits in. The popular 140gr Match Target Hybrid drops a better .317 G7 BC. It just so happens that Berger’s Chief Ballistician, Bryan Litz, designed this bullet specifically for magazine fed applications. Platforms like the “large frame” ARs have slightly less magazine length than their bolt action brethren. This new 130gr AR Hybrid seeks to give you the best balance of BC while keeping as much of the bullet as possible out of the case. Less bullet in the case means more room for powder and higher possible velocities. How this works out in the real world will be interesting to see. Let’s just hope that Berger is able to keep up with demand. We would love to see how these new bullets run in our 6.5CM MATEN project.

For more info, check out the press release from Berger. 

USMC Scout Sniper Association Raffle

Photo by Josaphat Orozco Photography
Photo by Josaphat Orozco Photography

The Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt, veterans service organization under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code. By law it is composed of Veterans with the sole purpose of supporting Veterans, Dependents and their survivors. Members are current active duty and former Marine Snipers.

In order to raise funds to support their various programs, the USMC Scout Sniper Association is raffling off an M40A5 Sniper Rifle complete with AN/PVS-27 Night Vision Device. The total estimated value of the package is $25,000.00. This rifle is exactly like the rifles used by active duty Marine Snipers. Built by the Marines at the Precision Weapons Section at Quantico.

If you would like to support a great organization and get the chance to own an amazing rifle, head to the raffle page. Tickets are $10. You may purchase as many as you like.

Ticket sales close at 11:59PM EST on 03/15/15. The drawing will be on 03/17 in Washington DC. You do not need to be present to win.


Stop Gun Violence PSA – No worse advice!

New “Gun Control” videos pop up on the internet in regular intervals. This is nothing new or notable. What is notable is the latest video by Rejina Sincic. In Sincic’s PSA she suggests that children should steal their parent’s firearms and bring them… school!

Continue reading Stop Gun Violence PSA – No worse advice!

Magpul Field Case for iPhone 6 Plus now shipping!

Magpul_Field_CaseEven before Apple released the iPhone 6 Plus, there were piles of cases available for it. The Magpul Field Case was not among them. However some things are worth waiting for. I have had my iPhone 6 Plus for several months now and finally I can slip it into this awesome case. Continue reading Magpul Field Case for iPhone 6 Plus now shipping!

Sierra Bullets Going Ballistic Tip

Sierra Screen Shot
Hornady and Nosler have been using polymer, ballistic tips on their bullets for several years. The advantages are a slightly higher ballistic coefficient and a more consistent tip over the traditional “open tip match” design. It seems that Sierra Bullets has now gotten onboard with their new “Tipped Matchking” or TMK. Continue reading Sierra Bullets Going Ballistic Tip

Remington set to expand Recall to include ALL Model 700 rifles.

Earlier this year Remington announced a product safety recall of the massively popular Model 700. The recall covered all Remington Model 700 and Model 7 rifles produced between May 1, 2006 and April 9, 2014. The recall information found on Remington’s website states that excessive bonding agent in the trigger mechanism could cause an unintentional discharge. If you would like to check if your rifle is covered under the initial recall you can enter your serial number on Remington’s webpage. If your rifle falls under the recall, Remington will issue a prepaid shipping label.

In a story that broke earlier this week on the NBC News website, NBC announced that Remington has agreed to recall all Remington 700 rifles. This could amount to 7.8 million rifles. This comes as part of a settlement of two class action lawsuits accusing Remington and its owners of “negligence, breach of warranty, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and fraudulent concealment”. Remington states the settlement is an effort “to avoid the uncertainties and expense of protracted litigation.”

It is important to note that Remington emphasizes this is NOT a recall. It is a chance for concerned owners to have their triggers retrofitted at no charge. Continue reading Remington set to expand Recall to include ALL Model 700 rifles.

Magpul Field Case for iPhone 6

Magpul Field Case

As soon as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit the stores, Magpul aficionados were begging for an update to the Field and Bump cases. Today, Magpul announced the Field Case for the iPhone 6 plus is available for order. Ship date is listed as November 25. This should leave plenty of time if you are trying to get then in stockings for Christmas. Continue reading Magpul Field Case for iPhone 6

“American Sniper” Coming to Theaters 12.25.14

Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, “American Sniper” the movie, will be hitting US theaters on Christmas Day. “American Sniper” the book is an autobiography of the late Chris Kyle a U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper and is available now. It will be interesting to see how much of the movie follows Kyle’s life and how much is Hollywood Drama. With Clint Eastwood directing, I have high hopes for a quality movie.

US Limited Release 12.25.14, Worldwide Release, January 2015