SAP Two Round Holder Review

SAP Two Round HolderWe have all shot those stages where the mag went dry with one target remaining. Or maybe it was a stage that required you to run with a downloaded mag so you had to single load one or two. Regardless there is always the problem of what to do with those extra cartridges. You could stick them in your pocket, but some positions just don’t make that convenient. Wouldn’t it be nice to put them as close to the chamber as possible?

Short Action Precision makes a nifty little product that makes single loading from positions a cinch. Dubbed the “Two Round Holder” it does exactly that. It is a small piece of elastic and webbing that holds two cartridges wherever you want. The Two Round Holder is attached to the rifle by means of an included adhesive loop velcro patch. The holder also includes a non-adhesive loop patch that could be sewn onto any fabric item (stock pack or sling?). The placement opportunities are endless. 

SAP Two Round HolderWe stuck our SAP “Two Round Holder” on the right side of the Whiskey 3 Chassis, just forward of the ejection port. This location takes advantage of economy of motion. When you run dry, you simply leave the bolt to the rear. Grab a cartridge and as soon as the cartridge clears the holder, roll it into the port. Slam the bolt closed and send it!

The SAP “Two Round Holder” retails for $12.00. They are available in Coyote, OD Green and Black. While the velcro makes it easy to swap between platforms, we bought a couple. It was hard to pass up for the price. Not everything in the precision rifle world has to cost an arm and a leg!

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