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Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #3 – Bedding, MATEN 6.5CM and the Nosler RDF, Tactical Brass Recovery

Mail Call Mondays Season 5 #5 – Brass Catchers and the MATEN 6.5 Creedmoor Project Update

MATEN Project stretches its legs at Rockcastle Shooting Center (1000 yards)

The MATEN did not perform as well as I had hoped it would with the 168gr Black Hills Gold at long range. Once we get a chance to work up a long range load specifically tailored to the MATEN’s 16″ barrel we will give this another go. Right now the rifle should be considered and excellent 800 yard option. Since the MATEN was intended as a LE Sniper/DMR Rifle is has passed the test and I consider it a success. We will still be running a 100 yard accuracy test and a “debrief” about how well each component worked for us.