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Today I had the chance to attend the Glock Armorer’s Course. Nothing earth shattering. Learned some tips and some quicker ways to do some stuff I was already doing. I did ask some questions that you guys posed:

  • Stippling the frame does not necessarily void the warranty as long as the stippling did not cause or contribute to the failure.
  • Other than the recoil spring assembly, there really is not a replacement schedule for components. When they fail the field inspection, they need to be replaced. If they pass, they are good to go. All the wear parts are relatively inexpensive. In many instances the “wear parts” will last an average shooter a lifetime.
  • Cleaning your Glock in the Dishwasher is not recommended, but will not necessarily void the warranty.
  • Shooting reloads may not void your warranty, but shooting lead bullets may.

Overall the course was a solid block of information on how to maintain, diagnose and repair Glock pistols. It was reiterated several times that Glock does not condone installing non-factory parts on its handguns and even goes so far as to say that the individual armorer opens himself up to personal liability by leaving aftermarket parts in the firearms he/she services. If you want to learn to customize Glocks, this is not the course for you. If you want to learn to repair them and be able to order parts from the factory (relatively cheaply) then this course will fill your needs.

One noteworthy comment for Glock fans. If you have any desire for a new Compensated Glock, get it now. Production has been discontinued on the compensated models. The stock going out to distributors now is it. Then they will be no-more. The scoop from the factory is that at the 2014 SHOT Show Glock will be announcing two new models. Make sure you bookmark the page for our SHOT Show Coverage!

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