MATEN Project stretches its legs at Rockcastle Shooting Center (1000 yards)

The MATEN did not perform as well as I had hoped it would with the 168gr Black Hills Gold at long range. Once we get a chance to work up a long range load specifically tailored to the MATEN’s 16″ barrel we will give this another go. Right now the rifle should be considered and excellent 800 yard option. Since the MATEN was intended as a LE Sniper/DMR Rifle is has passed the test and I consider it a success. We will still be running a 100 yard accuracy test and a “debrief” about how well each component worked for us.

2 thoughts on “MATEN Project stretches its legs at Rockcastle Shooting Center (1000 yards)”

  1. I do not understand… you were at the range and you only tested one load… and it was not the 175/178s now used by most for longer range with .308?!?

    How does it do at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000.

    What scope were you using.

    Did you gage the wind to give us an idea with it is.

    Please tell us how you were favoring

    Please more INFO in your tests. Leaves more questions than answers.

    These tests seem to just be teasers…


    1. Sometimes they are just teasers. We do what we can when time is limited. The options were film only what I came to test or nothing at all. Don’t worry, we will have some more detailed range tests when we can schedule them.

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