Improved AK Series – Updating a Classic

Improved AK ScreenshotA rack grade AK47 is one of the greatest battle rifles ever designed. While many will argue which battle rifle is the “best” the AK almost always makes the list for consideration. The AK does suffer some setbacks. It is an old design. The ergonomics favor smaller shooters. The iron sights are poor in low light and the system does not lend well to installing optics.

I have had an AK47 (WASR 10) in the safe for some time. I periodically train with it to remain proficient, but due to the afore mentioned limitations it is not my favorite carbine to shoot. The limitations also prevent it from being my first choice in any defensive manner. This poor AK has been neglected for too long. It is time for us to give it a little upgrade to allow it to stand on even ground with modern combat carbines.

MI Extended AK Handguard

  • Episode 01 – In the first installment we concentrate on the most critical aspect of a weapon. That is aligning the sights with the target. To support this we install a Midwest Industries Extended AK47/74 Universal Handguard and Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight. (video)
  • Episode 02 – We address the skinny AK grip by installing a TAPCO SAW Grip. (video)
  • Episode 03 – Gone is the fixed wood and metal buttplate. We add an adjustable Magpul stock and Magpul AFG. (video)
  • Episode 04 – How it all works and what would we change.

The links will become active as we complete each installment.


4 thoughts on “Improved AK Series – Updating a Classic”

  1. I did all that (similar mods) on my AK, only to change it back. The only thing I really liked was the LaRue IronDot, which replaced the rear sight with a mini red dot optic. I look forward to seeing how you ultimately feel about these mods.

    – J. Wise

  2. This Improved AK Series prompted a dinner table discussion tonight. My #2 son and I are planning to add an AK to our collection in early 2014 (probably only one, so I hope we can find a nice one). My wife and #1 son weren’t very interested until they saw the first two videos in the series, now we’re all waiting for further segments while we save up some $$$.

    – justageek

  3. Will these mods work on milled receiver? I have an SA 93 with a thumb hole stock. I like how shoots, pretty accurate. I want to keep it and mod to look more tactical! I hope these mods can work on a milled receiver… I’ve read that it is difficult and grunion has to be modified which I do not want to do. Great videos. Keep them coming.

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