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Kinetic Research Group X-Ray Chassis Review

KRG X-RayI have been a fan of the Whiskey 3 Chassis from Kinetic Research Group since I was given the opportunity to try the first generation. I used a Gen 3 Whiskey 3 Chassis on my 2014 Precision Rifle Series competition rifle. The Whiskey 3 is an excellent chassis, but the reality is that not every one is in the financial position to be able to afford one.

What if you could reap most of the benefits of the Whiskey 3 Chassis, but at a fraction of the price? This is exactly what KRG delivers with the X-Ray Chassis. Continue reading Kinetic Research Group X-Ray Chassis Review

KRG X-Ray Chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3

KRG Xray full greenKinetic Research Group is preparing to release a new lightweight, lower cost chassis system in 2014. The new chassis, dubbed the X-Ray, will have similar ergonomics to the flagship Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C). The new chassis will utilize many polymer components to reduce weight and manufacturing costs. The X-Ray will utilize the same “backbone” as the W3C possibly allowing the end user to upgrade the forend and buttstock over time. Both the W3C and X-Ray Chassis feature a V-bedding system for quick bolt-in installation of your barreled action. The chassis allows for most oversized recoil lugs and barrel diameters of up to 1.5″. The forend will have mounting holes at various positions for the addition of rails, barrier stops, and sling mounting points. Continue reading KRG X-Ray Chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3