KRG X-Ray Chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3

KRG Xray full greenKinetic Research Group is preparing to release a new lightweight, lower cost chassis system in 2014. The new chassis, dubbed the X-Ray, will have similar ergonomics to the flagship Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C). The new chassis will utilize many polymer components to reduce weight and manufacturing costs. The X-Ray will utilize the same “backbone” as the W3C possibly allowing the end user to upgrade the forend and buttstock over time. Both the W3C and X-Ray Chassis feature a V-bedding system for quick bolt-in installation of your barreled action. The chassis allows for most oversized recoil lugs and barrel diameters of up to 1.5″. The forend will have mounting holes at various positions for the addition of rails, barrier stops, and sling mounting points.

The X-Ray Chassis uses the same industry standard AICS pattern magazines as the Whiskey-3, giving you cross-platform compatibility with many other bolt-action rifles.

The outline of the X-Ray buttstock is similar to that of the Whiskey-3. In order to reduce cost and weight the length of pull is now adjusted by a 3/8″ spacer system. This results in a total adjustment range of 2 1/4″ for a 12.7-15″ length of pull. A longer length of pull may be possible with extra spacers. The butt pad is adjustable vertically by use of a hex wrench and QD sling mounting points are available on either side.

The X-Ray chassis will ship with a bag rider hook on the buttstock assembly. This can be easily replaced with an optional picatinny rail section for use with a monopod. The X-Ray will come with a Magpul L2 and L3 rail.

The cheekpiece of the X-Ray Chassis is quick adjustable for height, using a thumbscrew type clamp. The entire cheekpiece can be quickly removed to access the bore for cleaning. Additionally it can be adjusted forward or backwards by one position.

The X-Ray Chassis will ship with a small pistol grip assembly. The large grip is available as an optional component. Both the small and large grips offer an ambidextrous thumb shelf for same-side thumb shooting grips. This hand position is one of the features of the Whiskey-3 Chassis that I have grown to love.

All aluminum components of the X-Ray are Type III hard anodized. Steel parts are salt-bath nitrided or black-oxide coated stainless. The grip panels, buttstock and forend are injection molded, reinforced polymer.

We were given the opportunity to handle a prototype of the X-Ray Chassis in January at the 2013 SHOT Show. KRG has put an enormous amount of time and work into bringing the cost and weight of this chassis down while still maintaining the features that shooters need. We are looking forward to getting one out into the field as soon as they are available.

– Models for Remington 700 and Tikka T3
– AICS Magazine Compatible
– Fully Adjustable Comb, Length of Pull and Butt Pad Height
– Ambidextrous Magazine Release and Grip
– Wide Range of Accessories
– 3.1 lbs. (w/o Magazine)
– $549 (estimated introductory price)

KRG Xray full tan

KRG Xray with sling points2


7 thoughts on “KRG X-Ray Chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3”

    1. One of the key problems with the Savage line are the changes made across the years. A Remington 700 short action chassis will fit the earliest 700 or the latest. Not so with Savage. The Remington is also much more popular in LE and Military use. The 700 pattern of custom actions is fairly popular with the competition crowd.

      I am trying to get some factory assistance so we can get some more Savage articles going.

  1. I already sent my info so as soon as they are on the books mine will be ordered. Gotta get this rifle build so I can play at Redbrush again. LOL

  2. Just got an email from them and KRG said they should hopefully be ready to ship by the end of February 2014. I can’t wait!

  3. Just put this on my R700 .308. It’s my first “chassis” so I can’t compare to anything except the B&C M40 stock I took off. First, my gripes: With the butt pad all the way up, I can’t get a cleaning rod down the bore. Which, because of the spacer system, means I have to take all the spacers off and lower the buttpad in order to clean. Second, with the Calvin Elite trigger, there was a little interference between the the chassis and that little pin that moves in and out of the trigger body as the safety is actuated. I’m a firm believer in modifying the cheapest/easiest to replace part so instead of inletting the aluminum block, I filed the pin down a little. Only a couple thou had to come off to solve the problem. Finally, with a Harris bipod, the bipod base covers the two forward-most bolts that hold the polymer forend cover on. This means that if I want to attach additional accessories to the forend, I have to take the bipod off. On the plus side, AI magazines, adjustable cheek/LOP, V-block as good as any, great pistol grip with side thumb rests, accessories, and a cool sticker too.

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