Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #31 – Canon 80D, My Favorite .308 Load and the KRG Bravo Chassis

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New Camera Rig 00:27
Favorite .308 Load 02:41
KRG Bravo Chassis 11:01

Canon 80D –
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SmallHD Focus Monitor –
KRG Bravo Chassis –

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Host: John McQuay
Edited and Produced by: John McQuay

2 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 6 #31 – Canon 80D, My Favorite .308 Load and the KRG Bravo Chassis”

  1. John, I have a savage 110 BA in 338 the pool mag. I have just learned about measuring my bullets from the old jive to the base of the motel and have found variances as much as 10,000 of and inch. I have grouped these bullets into four piles, each bullet in that pile is within 3007 inch of each other. I am using return bow, 93 grains, which are give me approximately 2780 ft./s. I’m confused in relationship to loading to the ODI with different bullets as they all have different lengths from old jibe to base a boat tail. Do I need to load each group as a group by themselves and shoot the same as with different depths of the bullet seating inside the brass would give me different responses.

    1. Unless you are neck-turning and sorting your brass by volume, then weighing each charge to the kernel, it is unlikely that the small bit of volume variation you are detecting would be a detriment to accuracy. If you shoot benchrest competition, then sorting bullets may be a necessity (after all cases have been meticulously prepared). However, I prefer to just buy high-quality bullets and not worry about it. If you are going to sort your bullets, you need to do it by weight and by bearing surface. Seat to the same jump distance and don’t worry about how much is in the case.

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