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Grand Power X-Calibur Handgun Review

Eagle Imports contacted us last year and asked us to review the Grand Power X-Calibur. Eagle Imports is the US Importer for Grand Power, a Slovakian company.  At first look, the X-Calibur looks like a mix of custom, competition and tactical in one pistol.

The X-Calibur is a double action/single action design that allows for “cocked and locked” single action carry. The pistol is fully ambidextrous with all controls duplicated on both sides of the handgun. Even the magazine release is a mirror image. Left handed shooters will love this handgun. Transitioning to “weak side” one handed drills are as simple as can be. Continue reading Grand Power X-Calibur Handgun Review

Recover Tactical CC3H 1911 Grip and Rail System

During the 2014 SHOT Show, we were wandering the floor and came across the Recover Tactical booth. What at first looked like an interesting set of grips, turned out to be a novel, inexpensive way to add a light rail to an slick 1911. The product has gone through some changes. Now we have finally taken the time to get our hands on the product and see how well it works. Continue reading Recover Tactical CC3H 1911 Grip and Rail System

Exploring New Horizons with Steel Challenge

It is easy to get into a rut. That state of doing the same things over and over again. Shooting sports are no different and I have been sucked into it in the past.

I am fairly dedicated to precision rifle shooting. However being proficient with a handgun is a requirement of my occupation. Keeping a high degree of proficiency can sometimes be difficult. In years past I have neglected my handgun skills (to their detriment) because I was too lazy to get out and train on my own. This year I was determined to change that. I coughed up the cash, joined IDPA, began a training program and started hitting the matches. Most IDPA clubs only meet once a month. Shooting twelve times a year is no way to stay at the top of your game, and I don’t really have the manpower at my disposal to go out and setup six stages of fire on a training day. I also have a desire to get my twelve year old son into pistol competition. In my opinion, IDPA is not a good way to ease him in. This prompted me to look at what other pistol disciplines my local range hosted.

Continue reading Exploring New Horizons with Steel Challenge