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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

This video just cropped up on youtube. Apparently this is a “prank” where a person dresses up like “Michael Myers” from the “Holloween” movies and then walks about in public with a realistic looking toy rifle. The goal appears to be to watch people run in terror.

I can see how this might appeal to the younger generation. It makes for an interesting video, mainly because you get to see how the public reacts to fear of serious bodily harm. This causes a problem for me though. This is not a closely monitored experiment. There don’t appear to be any safety controls in place. Lets assume that while they were performing this little stunt, one of the “victims” was legally carrying a concealed weapon. If you saw people running and screaming with a masked gunman behind them, what would you think? If you were placed in the position of being able to stop a mass-murder spree, would you fire the first shot? Would you wait to see if the gun was real? Continue reading Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Accuracy International discontinues production of the AE Series.

Oregon Sniper Challenge 2013
The author shooting his AE MkII in competition at the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge.

Accuracy International announced the end of the AE series of rifles today on their website. Production will continue to the end of 2013, then no more.

The AE began life in 2001 as a lower cost alternative to the AW. The rifle was an answer to law enforcement agencies who wanted the advantages of the Accuracy International without all of the features required on the AW. Continue reading Accuracy International discontinues production of the AE Series.

Is Starbucks going Anti-Gun?

Guns and Coffee IMG_8505In an open letter from CEO Howard Schultz on Starbucks’ website, Shultz asks:

“…today we are respectfully requesting that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas—even in states where “open carry” is permitted—unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel.”

Shultz cites growing tension between the pro and anti-gun groups as well as a long standing desire just to be left out of the argument. Continue reading Is Starbucks going Anti-Gun?

Rifle Range Directory

cropped-IMG_5180_1080.jpgWe get inundated with requests from fans about where they can go to shoot long range. In order to solve this problem we are asking for your help. If you know of a range that is suitable for precision rifle shooting, please leave a comment below or send us an email at 8541tactical2 at gmail dot com. The range doesn’t have to be “long range” but at least 100 yards would be nice. Please also include the maximum range you can shoot there and some contact information (website, phone number, etc.). If you see a range listed that is no longer in service or that their maximum range has changed, please also let us know. With your help we can make this a great resource! International Shooters, this is for you too! Please be as detailed as possible with your information. Continue reading Rifle Range Directory

Remember them well.

WTC_B&WAs you go about your day today please take a moment to remember those who died on this day twelve years ago. They didn’t realize they were at war. They didn’t realize someone hated them so badly that they were willing to commit mass murder in the name of a twisted religion. Some died sitting at their desks. Others died trying to save lives. Likely none realized that was their last day to live. Take a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Go about your day with a vigilant eye. Remember that somewhere, someone is planning to kill Americans simply because we are.

We will NEVER Forget. We will fight.

2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge AAR Coming Soon

John McQuay shooting the 100 Yard Hostage Drill at the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge.

Fear not. We are working on the After Action Report for the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge. It was a fantastic match. Since I was competing, I did not get a chance to shoot photos and videos like I had hoped. Thankfully Terry Doi was there with his camera to capture some great shots. We will be featuring some in our write up and video AAR.

Stay tuned!

Hornady Suspends Production of 178gr BTHP and Other Lower Demand Bullets

Hornady Manufacturing Inc. has recently released a statement on their website suspending production of lower demand products. Citing the unprecedented demand for their most popular products, Hornady stated that they cannot justify the machine downtime to produce the lower demand items. Hornady has posted a list of products that they will be producing to the end of 2013. If your favorite bullet is not on the list, you better stock up now! Continue reading Hornady Suspends Production of 178gr BTHP and Other Lower Demand Bullets

Magpul Special Edition PMAG30 AR15 Magazines


Get them while you can. For a limited time Magpul is offering a special run of their “Boulder Airlift” and “Free Colorado” PMAGS. They are available on their online store while supplies last. The proceeds will go towards the legal battle against unconstitutional firearms laws in Colorado!

Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter


Image Courtesy of Inteliscope
Image Courtesy of Inteliscope

It seems more and more “video game” type technology is creeping into the firearms world these days. Previously we brought you information on the amazing new systems from TrackingPoint that adds digital video and ballistics to the long range, precision rifle. We just caught wind of a new product that is more on the “ramen noodle” budget. A company called Inteliscope is set to release an adapter that allows you to mount an iPhone or iPod Touch to the top of a picatinny rail equipped rifle. This along with a companion app will allow you to use your iDevice as a 1-5x rifle scope. The form factor appears to be geared mainly towards AR type firearms, but could possibly be used on other high “height over bore” systems like some bolt action chassis systems. The company is taking pre-orders with a June 2013 ship date. We have no other information at this time, but this looks like a neat gadget. It may have some tactical applications if the durability is there, however it appears that the Inteliscope adapter does not provide any waterproofing or impact protection for the iPhone, thus limiting the environments it can be used in.

TrackingPoint XactSystem upsetting anti-gunners.

300T-detail-rightsideTrackingPoint, a Texas based firearms company begins shipping their XactSystem Precision Guided Firearms. It seems that already the anti-gun fanatics are crying that the sky is falling.

We took a look at the XactSystem at the 2013 SHOT Show and got some trigger time on their .338LM version. The system uses a sighting system with built in laser rangefinder and ballistic computer. You simply “tag” the target with a control button mounted near the trigger. This places an icon on the target in the field of view and calculates a firing solution. When the operator is ready to fire, he depresses the trigger and then placed the center of the crosshair over the “tag”. When the two coincide, the system commands the rifle to fire.

In a story by ABC News gun control proponents are already whipping their public into a frenzy with untruths and exaggeration. Continue reading TrackingPoint XactSystem upsetting anti-gunners.