PCP Polymer Match Ammunition Limited Release

PCP AmmunitionPCP Ammunition is opening a “Limited Release” Signup for their brand new Match .308 Winchester polymer cased load.

I have used polymer 5.56mm ammunition in the past in training, but have always been left with a non-impression. The ammo worked most of the time and put holes in close range targets, however that was about the limit of my recollection.

“We are offering this limited release of production to a select number of consumers. We are limiting the production initially to allow for user feedback that validates our test results. PCP Ammunition and certified third party testing facilities have performed thousands of tests on this product and we are confident in its safety and performance. The ammunition is loaded to SAAMI specifications. We are extremely interested in the feedback of our first group of civilian consumers.”

According to a post on PCP Ammunition’s website this is the first time a high performance polymer .308 cartridge has been offered for commercial sale. While I cannot confirm the accuracy of this statement, I can say that I have never encountered a “match grade” polymer .308 load. If the information on the box pictured above is correct, it appears that the ammunition may be loaded with the excellent 175gr Sierra Match King bullet. If this is the case then there is a strong possibility that this load will be close to the military M118LR match. The M118LR is a popular load for long range .308 shooters.

If you would like to signup for the Limited Release, then check out PCP Ammunition’s website. We will be looking forward to getting our hands on some of this ammunition to verify accuracy and any advantage offered over traditional brass cases ammunition.

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