“Momentary” Glock Safety from Sure-Draw


From Sure-Draw’s Website:

Sure-Draw’s momentary safety device for Glocks provides the solution to a long-known problem – reducing the chance of negligent discharge.

This accessory appears to prevent the Glock trigger bar or connector from releasing the striker. It is not a traditional safety or selector. It looks to address the issue of negligent discharges during holstering.

I have long been against “hardware solutions” to “software problems”. I don’t like to put gadgets on guns to fix something that training should address. When holstering a weapon, your finger should be straight and off the trigger and your thumb should be on the back of the slide. Your holster should have been selected specifically for the weapon in question. If we are talking about a Glock, then there should be no straps or accessories that can fit into the trigger guard. If you have followed these guidelines then there is no need to add a safety to prevent a discharge.

If you are a nervous-nelly and you are uncomfortable handling a weapon without a safety, then don’t buy a Glock. I have carried Glocks for years in a professional capacity. I am a Glock Certified Armorer. I am all for innovation, but I feel this product may be a step backwards.

Sure-Draw lists a $29.99 sale price and First Quarter of 2014 availability.

4 thoughts on ““Momentary” Glock Safety from Sure-Draw”

  1. The only “long known problem” is that people are idiots if they were using their hardware properly in the first place they wouldn’t be shooting themselves and they will find ways to misuse this hardware as well. As you said if someone can’t handle a glock safely get something else preferably a squirt gun without a fill hole….

  2. Omg!!! Really!! Another reason for gomers to not practice good gun handling techniques!! 7step presentation from a holster is a tactical fundamental!! Don’t make excuses or come up with idiot fixes, become better and more proficient with your pistol and your gear! Fundamentals are the key!!! ND’s are lack of attention to detail!!!

  3. You people are bullies. I don’t much care for this product, but thinking someone is an idiot for making a mistake is ludicrous. I’m sure you made a mistake before, too bad everyone wasn’t there to witness and rail on you.

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