Strategic Armory Corp. Acquires McMillan Firearms

McMillan TAC-50 -
McMillan TAC-50 –

McMillan gained its start in the firearms world hand-laying fiberglass stocks in a garage at the McMillan family home. Forty years later it has expanded it’s business, supplying rifle stocks for some of the highest end custom and factory rifles in the world. Not satisfied to be a stock maker, McMillan diversified into building its own line of hunting and tactical rifles to include the far reaching TAC-50.

On Tuesday Strategic Armory Corp. announced that it had acquired McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, LLC. This places McMillan alongside Armalite, Surgeon Rifles, AWC Silencers and AWC Ammo. It will be interesting to see how SAC makes use of these companies across their product lines. I for one will be very interested to see if any of the Surgeon Rifles influence finds its way into McMillan products and vice-versa. reported Kelly and Ryan McMillan will be remaining onboard in a long term consulting capacity.

Sources say that McMillan’s stock manufacturing business will remain family owned and operated.

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