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2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge Sponsor Day

Today was “Sponsor Day” for the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge hosted by Cold Bore Competitions. This was a chance for the various match sponsors to present their products to competitors and the public. Admission was free for registered shooters and open only to them during the morning. The general public could attend in the afternoon for a nominal fee. Gemtech, Tactical Tailor, Leupold, Horus, Trijicon, Ashbury Precision Ordnance and more had their gear available to fondle and shoot.

Most of the products on display were familiar to me. One that caught my attention was the Nemo Arms Omen Rifle. The Omen is a large frame AR with a twist. It is chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. I have shot various .300WM bolt action rifles in the past. I was curious what kind of manners a semi-auto would have. Continue reading 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge Sponsor Day

TrackingPoint XactSystem upsetting anti-gunners.

300T-detail-rightsideTrackingPoint, a Texas based firearms company begins shipping their XactSystem Precision Guided Firearms. It seems that already the anti-gun fanatics are crying that the sky is falling.

We took a look at the XactSystem at the 2013 SHOT Show and got some trigger time on their .338LM version. The system uses a sighting system with built in laser rangefinder and ballistic computer. You simply “tag” the target with a control button mounted near the trigger. This places an icon on the target in the field of view and calculates a firing solution. When the operator is ready to fire, he depresses the trigger and then placed the center of the crosshair over the “tag”. When the two coincide, the system commands the rifle to fire.

In a story by ABC News gun control proponents are already whipping their public into a frenzy with untruths and exaggeration. Continue reading TrackingPoint XactSystem upsetting anti-gunners.