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Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #16 – Reticles, Expensive Scopes, Ladder Testing and more!


  • Savage Precision Carbine for LE/Hunting 00:34
  • Hunting with Competition Calibers 01:56
  • Ranging with MOA Reticles 03:44
  • LaRue OBR Glass and Barrel Options 06:32
  • $3-4K Scopes, Worth it? 10:40
  • Accuracy of Ladder Testing? 14:34
  • Gas Gun or Bolt Gun for LE 19:15
  • My Favorite Reticle 21:54
  • Krylon and Barrel Heat 24:23
  • G1 or G7 26:20
  • Long Range Hunting 27:58
  • M700 Hard Bolt Closing 29:51

M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit Review (Advanced Small Arms Cleaning Kit) and Leatherman MUT

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Tipton Best Gun Vise Review

Most of us at some point or another have wished for a third or fourth arm. Nowhere is this as true as with firearms maintenance.


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Bushnell LMSS 8-40×60 Spotting Scope First Look

Pre-Production LMSS at Rockcastle Shooting Center

The BBT (big, brown, truck) graced us with its presence yesterday and left a box from Bushnell Outdoor Products. Inside was a brand spanking new 8-40x60m Lightweight Modular Spotting Scope. I was so excited that I broke out the camera and actually shot an unboxing video.

We don’t usually do “unboxings” because I am dubious of their value to the consumer. When I “unbox” something, it’s pretty obvious that I have little experience with that actually product. This isn’t really true with the LMSS.

We got a chance to play with the pre-production version of the LMSS at a Bushnell hosted event at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Ky. I have used several different “tactical spotters” from several different manufacturers. This was the first I have seen in awhile that actually got me exited. You can take a look at our previous comments about it from the Rockcastle shoot here.

As soon as we get some time behind it and a some shots through it, we will run a full review. Everything about this scope screams “quality” and we can’t wait to field it.