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Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #43 – Home Defense AR, Resizing for semi-autos, Reticle Calibration

Due to numerous hiccups on YouTube’s part and my extremely slow internet connection, it took a little longer than usual to upload the episode. However perseverance pays.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

This video just cropped up on youtube. Apparently this is a “prank” where a person dresses up like “Michael Myers” from the “Holloween” movies and then walks about in public with a realistic looking toy rifle. The goal appears to be to watch people run in terror.

I can see how this might appeal to the younger generation. It makes for an interesting video, mainly because you get to see how the public reacts to fear of serious bodily harm. This causes a problem for me though. This is not a closely monitored experiment. There don’t appear to be any safety controls in place. Lets assume that while they were performing this little stunt, one of the “victims” was legally carrying a concealed weapon. If you saw people running and screaming with a masked gunman behind them, what would you think? If you were placed in the position of being able to stop a mass-murder spree, would you fire the first shot? Would you wait to see if the gun was real? Continue reading Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

Alamo Four Star DLOC-S Bipod Upgrade

Alamo DLOC-S Bipod Upgrade
Cadex Strike 30 Chassis with DLOC-S Upgraded Harris BRM-S

The Harris BRM-S series of bipods is one of the most popular choices for precision rifle shooters. The swivel base, spring actuated legs and fast deployment make it well suited for fast setup on uneven terrain. The BRM-S has served military and law enforcement shooters all over the world and is made here in the USA. Continue reading Alamo Four Star DLOC-S Bipod Upgrade

Improved AK – TAPCO SAW Grip Installation

TAPCO SAW Grip installed on our WASR 10

The AK comes out of the box with a perfectly functional pistol grip. However for most men the grip is fairly skinny. If we were constantly operating in environments were thick winter gloves are the norm then the factory grip would be well suited. Since our AK will mostly see mild weather use with thin protective gloves, we could do with a beefier grip.

Continue reading Improved AK – TAPCO SAW Grip Installation

Clean That New Barrel!

Photo of the AAC Single Chamber Brake showing the debris the first Boresnake pass drug out of a new barrel.
Photo of the AAC Single Chamber Brake showing the debris the first Boresnake pass drug out of a new barrel.

Today was a reminder on why I recommend cleaning a new barrel.

I just got done assembling and oiling up a new AR. I was going down my checklist and remembered that I had not punched the bore yet. Since this is not a precision rifle, I don’t worry with the Dewey rods and bore guides. I grabbed a Boresnake and pulled it through. The amount of crud that came out of the other end was amazing. I gave the snake a couple more passes before I was satisfied that any debris was gone. I can’t say for sure exactly what it was that came out of the barrel, but I am positive it was not something I wanted drug through by a bullet going 3000+ fps.

No matter what the origin of a rifle, clean the barrel before your first firing. Machining debris, packing material and other amazing items all have a way of slipping into the barrel. You don’t want to destroy your new rifle because a piece of silica gel wedged itself in the bore during shipping.