Dry Fire Device Review

Dry fire is critical to maintaining a high level of proficiency with any firearm. Anything that makes this chore easier grabs our attention. When I came across the Dry Fire Device from Friendsville Precision, it made me take notice.

Normally, dry firing an AR15 results in many repetitions of pulling the charging handle and compressing a fairly heavy buffer spring. Not only does this cause you to break position, but it can be a definite problem for smaller shooters.

Dry Fire DeviceThe Dry Fire Device from Friendsville Precision replaces your magazine and bolt carrier group with a composite block and lever assembly. The block loads from the top of the receiver and the lever takes up the space formerly occupied by the bolt carrier group. The lever extends over the hammer and provides a safe surface for it to strike when the trigger is pressed. The design only allows the hammer 1/8″ to fall, lessening the force of the strike. This should increase the life of the hammer as well as the Dry Fire Device.

Dry Fire DeviceAfter firing, the Dry Fire Device, the rifle can be quickly re-cocked by pushing forward on the lever extending from the magazine well. The lever curves back far enough that most shooters should be able to re-cock the device with their trigger finger. This should remove any need to break your firing position.

After several hours of use, I can honestly say this is my current favorite training aid for the AR15 rifle. I sincerely hope that Friendsville Precision brings out a version for the Large-Frame AR. I would love to be able to dry fire my MATEN in the same manner.

Thanks to Friendsville Precision for sending us their product for review. The Dry Fire Device retails for $67 and is available from Brownells.

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