Nexbelt – We Review The Belt with No Holes

When you carry a handgun for most of your waking hours a good belt is a critical component. Much like the “perfect” holster, shooters are always on the hunt for a better belt.

NexbeltOne of the problems that I frequently encounter with stiff “tactical” style web belts, is that I either cannot get them tight enough or they work loose. Leather “buckle” style belts often cause you to choose between one hole or another (or punching your own hole). The Nexbelt is advertised as being able to solve both of these problems.

Nexbelt was kind enough to send us one of their new Titan BD Tactical Ratchet Belts to review. I have been wearing the Titan BD daily for several weeks now both in my daily routine and at the range. This is quickly becoming my belt of choice.

NexbeltWhen your Nexbelt arrives, the first step is to cut it to length. The Precisefit™ system allows you to simply cut on the line corresponding to your pants size. Attaching the buckle is easily accomplished by unscrewing the two set screws with the included allen key. Undo the clasp and insert the cut end of the belt until it stops. When you close the clasp, a row of fairly aggressive teeth grab the belt. Tightening down the set screws completes the assembly.

NexbeltUsing the Nexbelt is the best part. When you buckle the belt, the free end slides in with a satisfying ratcheting sound. I usually put the belt on a little loose. After clipping on my Inside the Waistband holster, I can snug the belt down and it absolutely will not loosen up.

NexbeltRemoving the belt is also extremely simple. There is a latch on the bottom of the buckle. Pulling out on the latch releases the mechanism and the free end slides smoothly out. It is also very easy to give yourself a few clicks of windage if you got the belt too tight, or if you just pushed back from the table on buffet night.

There are no springs to break and the ratchet mechanism is fairly beefy for a belt. Instead of a spring to hold the ratchet mechanism closed, Nexbelt uses a magnet. I expect this mechanism to work well for a long time.

NexbeltNexbelt offers a wide variety of belt and buckle styles to adapt to any wardrobe. The belts in the Nexbelt “Tactical” line are all 1 7/16″ with to work with many holster and magazine pouches. The belts have a rubber layer sandwiched between nylon strap. They offer an attractive utilitarian look and give you all the stability you need to carry a full-size combat handgun.

The only drawback I have been able to find with the Nexbelt is that it would likely make a poor field-expedient tourniquet. The webbing is too stiff to twist with a makeshift windlass. This is not a huge issue for me since I usually keep a RATS tourniquet in my gear or a CAT on my plate carrier.

The Nexbelt Titan BD Tactical is a little on the expensive side at $49.99, but I feel you are getting a quality product for that price.

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