Xtreme Hardcore Gear “Tank” Scope Level Review

Xtreme_Tank_Level_20150509_T3i_007Few things frustrate shooters more than getting a scope level. It is one of the critical steps during installation of a rifle scope. Leveling a scope in the shop can be a tricky process. Usually we are in an area that is too small to allow a rifle scope to focus properly. This makes using a plumb line to square the reticle almost impossible. Xtreme Hardcore Gear has a simpler method.

We originally came across Xtreme Hardcore Gear products when looking at their Reloading Funnel. While browsing their products we noticed the “Tank” scope level. There are quite a few different styles of level on the marked. Up to thins point, we had just been using a simple plastic level that we bought from the local hardware store. Unfortunately this level was too light and even a slight breeze would blow it off the turret. This is not a concern with the “Tank”.

The “Tank” level is CNC machined from a solid block of steel. The finished piece weighs in at 6.6 ounces. It has a very nice feel in the hand. The edges are all nicely rounded and the entire body is clear zinc plated.

Xtreme_Tank_Level_20141203_T3i_003Using the Tank level is simple. You install your scope base and rings, then use the Tank on the top of the base to level the rifle. Once you have the rifle locked down and level, simply set the scope in the ring bottoms and set the “Tank” on top of the elevation turret. Rotate the scope until the bubble lies between the lines on the Tank and your scope turret housing is now true to the base. On most high quality scopes, your setup should be dead on.

The “Tank” Level is $34.99 and Made in the USA. It’s a great addition to any rifle shooter’s toolbox. You can pick yours up from Xtreme Hardcore Gear’s website.

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