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google-mobile-responsive-design6-ss-1920-800x450You may notice some changes to the layout of our website over the next couple of days. Google has rolled out some new requirements for sites to be “mobile friendly”. Ours was not very mobile friendly. Our choice was to either make some changes or risk falling in the search results.

Our goal is to find a new layout that is clean. Easy to read on mobile or desktop, and easy to maintain. As of today, we have switched over to one of the new “candidates”. I am not fully satisfied with this look, but it will do for now until I find a layout I am in love with.

If you have some feedback (positive or negative) on the new look(s), then please leave us a comment below. If you are having some issue with seeing the site on your mobile device, please let me know what device you are using.

Thanks for sticking with us while we go through some changes and work through the inevitable bugs.

2 thoughts on “Website Update”

  1. Hi John
    I just checked out your new mobile friendly site on my iPod here in the UK and there are some issues. The whole site sits on the left side of the page and is very small and the type face too small to read without enlarging. I did this recently, see my website at and for now have visitors arrive at my mobile site and desktop users have the option to switch to desktop view. In time I will code the home page to recognise the browser that is visiting and that will either automatically redirect the visitor to the mobile site or keep on the desktop site as required, but for now this arrangement works until I get the time to get into the guts of the thing.
    On my mobile page, I think the type face is still too small so am going to have another go at getting it right. This directive from Google has caught many folk on the hop and not many seem to have as yet switched to mobile friendly sites. Hope this helps you in your quest for website perfection. I enjoy reading your reviews and watching your videos. Keep up the good work.

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