Xtreme Hardcore Gear Reloading Funnel Review

Xtreme Hardcore Gear Powder Funnel

This slick little funnel from Xtreme Hardcore Gear can dress up your reloading and help to keep spilled powder off the bench!

If you are a precision rifle shooter, chances are you are a reloader. Reloading is one of those chores that we have to do before we get to go out and play. As a result, anything that makes the process more enjoyable is fine by me.

For many years I have been making do with the old plastic funnel that came with my Lee reloading kit. The plastic fantastic is “universal” and works on just about any cartridge I reload. However it does have a number of drawbacks. The first being that it can hold a static charge. This means you can get powder kernels sticking to the funnel and not running into the case. Not a good thing when we are striving for consistency. Another drawback is that since the plastic funnel is a “universal” affair, it has a .22 cal hole in it. As a result, when using big extruded kernels of powder, you have to tap the funnel to get them to drop. When you add the loose fit of the funnel to the case, you have a recipe for powder dumping onto your loading block. All of these are problems that can be overcome with care and time, but I am always looking for a better way.

Several weeks ago we contacted Xtreme Hardcore Gear about some other products that they offered. Vince asked if we would be interested in taking a look at their Powder Funnels. I am always interested in looking at new products, but it really takes a lot to get me excited about a powder funnel. When the box arrived, I got excited.

The first thing I noticed about the funnel was it’s deep metallic green finish. Xtreme Hardcore Gear calls this a “bright dip anodized finish”. “Bright” is an accurate description. The funnels are buffed smooth prior to anodizing, so they feel very slick in the hands. This assists powder on its way into the case mouth.

The funnel has a nice weight to it. It is not really heavy, but more of a solid feel. I prefer tools with a little bit of substance to them. The weight makes you less concerned that it will bend if you grab it the wrong way.

Xtreme Hardcore Gear Powder FunnelEach Powder Funnel is caliber specific and color coded. They are sized to fit well around the case neck. Our .30 cal sample fit well on Federal and Winchester brass. It slipped on and off without pulling the cases up in the loading block, but was snug enough to prevent the “wobble” we get with our universal funnel. The funnels are laser engraved with the caliber on the base. This makes them easy to read when laying on the bench or sitting in Xtreme Hardcore Gear’s funnel rack.

Overall, while using the funnel we didn’t experience any issues and no powder sticking or “log jams” when dumping large charges of Reloder 15 into the .308 case. With a list price of $24.99 each, we realize these funnels may not be for everyone. If you load a wide variety of calibers, that cost can add up quickly. However, if you are already solid in your reloading setup and want to add some quality funnels, we can definitely recommend these. They will feel good while using them, and look sweet sitting in the rack on your bench.

Available in the following calibers from Xtreme Hardcore Gear: $24.99
.375, .338, .308, .284, .277, .264, .257, .244, .224, .204, .177


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  1. Reloading Question
    Stupid question of the day. Just measured Hornady 168 g bthp found length varied from 1.231 to 2.240. Should I use the longest bullet when setting up my die for bullet length ? I know the die actually contacts the bullet further back (not on the tip). At 65 my anal retention seams to be the only thing that still works. Thanks for all the hard work .

  2. Is it possible to put a link to the billet case holders? I’ve looked on the Bell & Carson website and can not find them. Thanks

  3. I read this article yesterday thinking meh, why would I need this? Well I found out last night when I was reloading 223 and a case mouth stuck in my MTM funnel a powder spill. I think I’ll order the 223 version to check it out now. By the way, cost is now $27.99.

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