2 thoughts on “Mail Call Mondays Season 3 #34 – Hearing Protection Review. MSA Sordin, Peltor, Howard Leight”

  1. Hey John, I’m starting out in precision rifle shooting as a hobby. I happened to get my hands on a used Weatherby Mark V 30-06 with a decent Leupold VR-X 3-9x40mm. I know Weatherbys aren’t very popular in the long range tac-precision world, but I just want to get your opinion about this platform–especially about the 6 lug action bolt, receiver, trigger and a 26″ barrel. What are the limitations? How far and precise can I get with this platform? I know the scope doesn’t give me much viewing distance but I’ve seen guys with the same scope hitting 1″MOA at the 1000yrd mark on a higher end custom rifle. If there is any suggestions on upgrades please let me know.

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