Our Events Calendar is Live!

CalendarWe have gotten tons of questions over the years asking how to find rifle matches and training. We got into the rut of just directing our audience to several different internet forums. There you have to wade through boards and threads to find what you are looking for. Sorry to say, we were just being lazy.

Today I installed a new Calendar here on our website. (Check the Menu at the top of the Page) My intention is that we will be able to post Matches, Competitions and other Precision Rifle related events for all to see. I am not so ambitious as to think we will be able to get everything. However I think we can get a good deal of the larger matches and headlining trainers.

What I need from you guys is if you see a match that you think might fit, please check the calendar firs to make sure it isn’t already there. If it isn’t, please email us with the details and MOST IMPORTANTLY a website where our audience can go to get more info, register, etc.

John McQuay

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