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Leatherman Rail_20131227_T3i_035_1080The Leatherman Tool Group makes some amazing tools for a wide variety of purposes. We recently reviewed the Leatherman MUT, a tool dedicated to the maintenance of the M16 series rifles. For those looking for a lighter, smaller and less expensive option for M16/M4/AR maintenance the Leatherman Rail may be the answer.

Leatherman Rail_20131227_T3i_027_1080The Leatherman Rail is a compact tool constructed of heat treated 420 stainless steel. One end features an M16 front sight tool, 3/8″ wrench and oxygen bottle wrench. The opposite end has a snap hook for attaching to your gear. The center of the tool has a rubber carrier with two Leatherman bits and a punch. The bits fit into what Leatherman calls “grip-tight pressure bar” which works very well. The pressure bar also has location for using standard 1/4″ hex bits.

The Rail comes in a simple MOLLE compatible nylon pouch. The bits included with the Rail are Flat Blade, Phillips Head, T15 Torx and 7/64″ Hex. If those are not exactly what you need, Leatherman Tool Group offers a wide variety of bits to cover most applications.

Leatherman Rail_20131227_T3i_045_1080It does not take long working with an iron sighted M16 or AR15 before you search for an easier way to make front sight adjustments. The front sight tool makes adding a couple clicks fast and easy. The two pronged sight tool is still not as simple as a dedicated drum type tool, but as a multi-purpose tool the Rail excels.

Even if your rifle is not equipped with an A2 type front sight, the Rail can be configured with bits to support whatever scope or sights you use. At 2.3 oz. it is easy to toss in a ruck or shooting bag and forget about until you need it.

– M16 Front Sight Tool
– 3/8″ Open End Wrench
– 1/4″ Hex bit Driver
– Oxygen Bottle Wrench
– Carabiner Tool
– Firearms Disassembly Punch
– Includes #2 Phillips, 1/4″ Flat, 7/64″ Hex, #15 Torx Bits
– 4.8″ Long
– 2.3 oz.
– Black Oxide Coated 420 Stainless Steel
– $45 MSRP

4 thoughts on “Leatherman Rail Review”

    1. First Responders often come in contact with oxygen bottles. Since Leatherman cut a bunch of holes in the Rail to reduce the weight, my guess is that they decided to make the hole more useful than a regular circle. I will say that I have never actually had to use an oxygen bottle wrench. Since it doesn’t take up room, add weight or eat anything, it doesn’t bother me that it is there.

  1. Great review, we’re soon to review a couple of Leatherman Multi Tools so it was great to see what you had to say! They are certainly my first choice of tool when it comes to my job.

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